Invisible Woman Syndrome

I think I’ve found one “syndrome/complex” I don't have! I’m not saying it’s not real; it is just one I have not (yet?) experienced - Invisible Woman Syndrome. I’ve written before about the Bag Lady Syndrome and the Imposter Complex. (Link here) I have experienced both – not that either has any truth to them, … Continue reading Invisible Woman Syndrome

Self-Discovery Tools Review

I’ve been delving into some new areas as part of learning and contemplation.  This time it was archetypes based on goddess mythology and the feminine equivalent to the Hero’s Journey. I will probably continue down this rabbit hole with more feminine-focused non-fiction literature reads as I am finding it fascinating.  But this new exploration made … Continue reading Self-Discovery Tools Review

Thinking Inspired by We Are All Perfectly Fine

I posted not too long ago about not sharing the books I've read.  But when a book inspires deeper self-discovery, I have often summarized the thinking it inspired.  This post covers some of the thinking inspired by Jillian Horton’s memoir We Are All Perfectly Fine. I don't often read memoirs, preferring my books to be more … Continue reading Thinking Inspired by We Are All Perfectly Fine

Do I go in a new direction with my blog?

Even though I've just gone through a major transition in my retirement, I've started to wonder if I should change the direction of my blog! Many of the bloggers whom I follow have started to go heavily into prompted posts and challenges.   They will do monthly posts on books read, things cooked, what they are … Continue reading Do I go in a new direction with my blog?

My Emotional Seesaw Continues

This week continued the up and down emotional challenges.  Not so much worry and anger, but a number of negative emotional spirals.  Yes, the oppressive external environment (return of Red Tide, surge of COVID in Florida, and even the August doldrums’ heat) has certainly made staying positive more challenging. I’m isolating again, fearful of being … Continue reading My Emotional Seesaw Continues

Roller Coaster of Emotions

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster.  Not related to retirement transition, but still impacting my retirement lifestyle!  This emotional roller coaster comes with a realization that I’m slipping back into my pre-retirement negativity of seeing the bad in everything.  Since retiring, I’ve been consciously trying to put Positive Psychology into practice (top eleven … Continue reading Roller Coaster of Emotions

A Mid-summer Gratitude Review

One of the eleven elements of Putting Positive Psychology Into Practice (link to my blog post on that topic here) is to Practice Daily Gratitude.  I’ve created a habit, as part of my morning journaling, to write down “3 things I was thankful for yesterday”.    Since I’ve often found inspiration in other blogger’s gratitude postings, … Continue reading A Mid-summer Gratitude Review