Happy Anniversary to Me!

July is a big month for me here at Retirement Transition.  It’s the anniversary of my retirement day (7 years) and the anniversary of my blog (6 years).   As I have noted many times, I do think “retirement transition” continues to be an accurate term because retirement, like life, is a series of transitions.  Some … Continue reading Happy Anniversary to Me!

Dabbling in Human Design

I’ve mentioned before I like to dabble. I’ve dabbled in Feng Shui, Chakra healing, crystals, astrology, new moon rituals, and Tarot readings.  I’ve also dabbled in "personality" understanding.  I’ve heard the negatives on almost all the personality and strength tests but in general find that if you use them for self-reflection and how to grow … Continue reading Dabbling in Human Design

Random Thoughts this Week

This blog is another one of my Random Thoughts posts.  Nothing major to write about, but a series of what’s happening with me this week: New Routine Establishment I needed a motivational boost so I crafted a weekly/monthly-tracking sheet to help me establish some new routines.   On the weekly list: beach walk, beach yoga, distant … Continue reading Random Thoughts this Week

Moving Update – space is the final frontier

Our Big Move is a Big Transition.  While the emotional shift is something I’ve blogged about (links here: what I will miss, good bye Cincinnati), the physical shift has really taken over my life the past few weeks (and the reason for my absence from the blog-o-sphere).  Something I am becoming more and more aware … Continue reading Moving Update – space is the final frontier

Taking Stock of the Emotional Ups and Downs

A blog link-up I often read (link here) has the prompt this week of “taking stock” which really resonated with me.  Spring has sprung, the pandemic has a light at the end of the tunnel, and we are embarking on a huge lifestyle transition.  I felt it was time for a taking stock look at … Continue reading Taking Stock of the Emotional Ups and Downs

Things I’m Looking Forward To

I did a post awhile back about things I will miss when we (finally) move. (see post Link here) I was encouraged to also look at things I’m looking forward to in this next big retirement transition. We’ve been thinking about this move for a couple of years. We originally had it further out in the … Continue reading Things I’m Looking Forward To

Refining the Vision – a Series of Transitions

It’s amazing to me to realize that I’ve been retired now for almost 7 years. As I look back, I can see how I’ve implemented my retirement transition process including the important step of REFINE.  (Link here for more on the process. Or see my book available on Amazon!) With each refinement resulted in my … Continue reading Refining the Vision – a Series of Transitions