Inner Critic versus Inner Child

In my last blog post (link here), I mentioned going down the rabbit hole on anger management.  Well, the rabbit hole continued deeper and led to podcasts on the Inner Critic (critical voice), which led to reading more on the Inner Child (wounded child).  I hadn't really separated out in my mind these two different … Continue reading Inner Critic versus Inner Child

Tarot Exploration and Overthinking

I took an intriguing on-line class learning more about Tarot. (A link to Susannah Conway’s course called 78 Mirrors here)  I’m definitely a beginner in Tarot, and so my AHA’s from this course are all in the beginner’s area.  For example, I was surprised to learn that there are 3 main “systems” of Tarot, and … Continue reading Tarot Exploration and Overthinking

A Look Back on 2022 Blog Posts

I was intrigued by some other bloggers looking back on their year of posting and decided to follow suit. I was looking for some insights for myself, to see how far I’ve come in my own retirement journey, and maybe for some inspiration to keep blogging, And completing this review gave me a feeling of … Continue reading A Look Back on 2022 Blog Posts

Life is Full of Transitions

And retirement life is no different in having major life transitions. Some transitions are planned, some are unexpected, and some planned but have a lot of uncertainty still involved. Beyond the transition of leaving a full-time career, other life transitions in my own retirement years included starting and ending a consulting “second career”, dealing with … Continue reading Life is Full of Transitions

Dabbling versus Discipline

In one of my summer readings, I came across the concept that a life of discipline leads to fullness of life (happiness).   “With a life live with discipline, we become a better version of ourselves every day, able to fulfill our destiny and find happiness.”  Mathew Kelly As I continue to process my acceptance of … Continue reading Dabbling versus Discipline

Summer Study Part 3 – Imagined Reality

This blog continues sharing insights from my last summer reading program. (see blog posts one and two here).  This blog post focuses on my insights into the fascinating concept of Imagined Reality. The Cognitive Revolution in humankind could be considered the defining moment for our species. The behavior of all other animals has been determined … Continue reading Summer Study Part 3 – Imagined Reality