Retirement Transition – some new thoughts

Given my blog’s name, I do continue to read articles on retirement transition.   I appreciate others perspective on this life milestone.  Many writers continue to work on shifting the perspective of what retirement is in today’s world. Too often retirement is still viewed as a diminishment of the individual, a time of stagnation and decline, … Continue reading Retirement Transition – some new thoughts

Being Open about Scams

I learned about a local senior theater group (Sages) at a recent 100-Woman-Who-Care meeting.  The WWC organization is a collective philanthropic with local chapters.  The concept is 100 women (more or less) get together quarterly to collectively donate money to a local non-profit to make a bigger impact.  I joined the local group to learn … Continue reading Being Open about Scams

Retirement Myths?

When I was writing about Life Purpose recently (link here), I started to think that finding a grand Life Purpose (capital letters) might be a “Retirement Myth” meaning ideas about retirement that are not really true.  Or aspects of retirement that if you don't implement for yourself, you feel like you’ve failed.  What other retirement myths … Continue reading Retirement Myths?

A Grand Life Purpose or Just Little Ripples?

I’ve struggled in my retirement transition with the concept of Life Purpose.  It is not as simple as answering the question, ”Do I have a life purpose?” I struggled so much with it that I abandoned the term in favor of Personal Development!  See previous posts on Life Purpose, A Purpose-driven retirement and key life … Continue reading A Grand Life Purpose or Just Little Ripples?

I lived it, I wrote about it, why can’t I remember it?

Twice in the past couple of weeks, I was talking to a recent retiree about the five needs full-time work, especially career focused work, provides that you will have to determine if you still need in retirement….and I could not list them!  As anyone who reads my blog regularly knows, I adore lists.  I live … Continue reading I lived it, I wrote about it, why can’t I remember it?

Am I Living the Creative Element of my Retirement Lifestyle Vision?

My retirement lifestyle statement has remained consistent now for a few years.  I did dramatically modify my vision statement a number of times the first few years of retirement as I worked on self discovery and understanding my own personal values versus societal values (see link here about the evolution – a look back at … Continue reading Am I Living the Creative Element of my Retirement Lifestyle Vision?

A Continuum of Structure

I’ve been feeling wrong for having put structure into place in my retirement – my need for daily and weekly routines, having things planned, keeping track of experiences..Maybe I perceive expectations or critiques that are not there, but too often I’m hearing that structure or planning is the wrong thing in retirement. (Yes, I am … Continue reading A Continuum of Structure

Am I Doing What I Said I Would Do?

Over my emerging feminine consciousness series of blog posts this late winter and early spring, including posts on goddesses and childhood abandonment, I almost always finished a post with things I would do. I’m a huge believer in “so what” and to-do lists. But I started to wonder, “Am I doing what I said I … Continue reading Am I Doing What I Said I Would Do?