Random Thoughts this Week

A set of random thoughts this week reflecting my life in the COVID-19 pandemic: A recent grocery-shopping trip really brought home the emotional impact of social distancing.   My trip to the grocery store was after the “wear a face mask when out” guidelines.   This new guideline is in addition to the “stay 6 feet apart”.   … Continue reading Random Thoughts this Week

How Transition to Retirement Helped my Stay-at-home Covid-19 Time

Today marked Day 37 in our stay-at-home adventure during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our state started shutting things down earlier than many others, and we embraced the shelter-in-place (SIP) guidelines fully. In many ways, the things I learned in my retirement transition have helped make this time more bearable. I had learned how to live with … Continue reading How Transition to Retirement Helped my Stay-at-home Covid-19 Time

Introspection on a Self-Limiting Belief

I’ve realized that I have a strong belief in commitment, loyalty, and the long term. I stick with choices I make. I stick with people. I buy things for the long term. I’ve recently become aware that this belief has both good and bad consequences. My recent work on self-limiting beliefs has taught me that … Continue reading Introspection on a Self-Limiting Belief