Tarot Exploration and Overthinking

I took an intriguing on-line class learning more about Tarot. (A link to Susannah Conway’s course called 78 Mirrors here)  I’m definitely a beginner in Tarot, and so my AHA’s from this course are all in the beginner’s area.  For example, I was surprised to learn that there are 3 main “systems” of Tarot, and … Continue reading Tarot Exploration and Overthinking

March ReCap and April Planning

Winter was a whirl of emotions, many of them negative. My Winter Possibilities List had so many things I did not check off, it was disheartening. I tell myself it’s only about possibilities, but still.  So, I am taking a tool from the Self-Talk book learning (link here) and applying it to March.  Can I … Continue reading March ReCap and April Planning