Throwback Thursday

For my (new) Throwback Thursday series, I’m linking back to some of the core Retirement Transition How-to’s. Today's first of the series will look at the OVERALL Retirement Transition Process that helps you design your own unique retirement lifestyle. Based on the design thinking approach I used while working in product innovation, the Retirement Transition … Continue reading Throwback Thursday

Happy Anniversary to Me!

July is a big month for me here at Retirement Transition.  It’s the anniversary of my retirement day (7 years) and the anniversary of my blog (6 years).   As I have noted many times, I do think “retirement transition” continues to be an accurate term because retirement, like life, is a series of transitions.  Some … Continue reading Happy Anniversary to Me!

Dabbling in Human Design

I’ve mentioned before I like to dabble. I’ve dabbled in Feng Shui, Chakra healing, crystals, astrology, new moon rituals, and Tarot readings.  I’ve also dabbled in "personality" understanding.  I’ve heard the negatives on almost all the personality and strength tests but in general find that if you use them for self-reflection and how to grow … Continue reading Dabbling in Human Design