Another Tool for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Learned optimism is one of the most important aspects of my retirement transition.   For most of my career, I was a critical-thinking pessimist.  I was excellent at looking at worse case scenarios and planning to avoid pitfalls on any project or change we were doing.  I had a boss once tell me “you’ll never be … Continue reading Another Tool for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

My Review of “The Science of Wellbeing”

One of the on-line classes I've audited during our time of isolation was The Science of Wellbeing, also referred to as the Psychology of Happiness.  Much of our wellbeing or happiness can be controlled by our actions, habits, and thinking.  However, the mind doesn't always know the best way to achieve happiness. We can be … Continue reading My Review of “The Science of Wellbeing”

The Balance of Be-ing and Do-ing

Part of my retirement transition has been exploration into happiness. There are many hypotheses about what drive happiness, especially later in life, but one that seems to have conflicting messages are the concepts of be-ing and do-ing. On one hand there is the idea of finding the joy in being non-productive. Being in the moment. … Continue reading The Balance of Be-ing and Do-ing

What’s on Your List?

Janis over at Retirementallychallenged published an interesting life list she had come across. (I wish I had the skill to do that last line with the appropriate link!) Her blog post made me go on-line to explore other people’s life lists to see if there were some new ideas for my own possibilities list. (There … Continue reading What’s on Your List?

Word of the Year: Joy

When I chose the word “joy” for this year’s word, I wasn’t sure exactly what would happen. I had my new coffee mug imprinted with “Find Joy In Each Day”. I created my daily affirmation. I was not expecting that much. But I was pleasantly surprised, with this heightened awareness, how I could find the … Continue reading Word of the Year: Joy

Start, Stop, Continue

Years ago, one of my MegaCorp annual performance evaluation tools we used was called “Start, Stop, Continue”. I’m not sure how broadly this was used, but it was better than the “accomplishments and weaknesses” of previous years. That was before the Discover Your Strengths phenomenon; I always hated the weaknesses area! But the start/stop/continue was … Continue reading Start, Stop, Continue

Increasing Emotional Awareness

When I choose my word for the year to be Joy, I wanted to be happier every day. Transitions are hard, and I wanted to intentionally manage the roller coaster of feelings this huge change of entering retirement was creating in my life. Being the geeky researcher, I did a bunch of reading about emotions. … Continue reading Increasing Emotional Awareness

Feast or Famine

After 2 years into retirement, it seems like my weeks are either full of (self-chosen) activities or completely empty.  Full and happy, this-is-great weeks.  Or boring, am-I-failing-at-this-retirement-thing weeks.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a life-concierge, one who is better at time management than me! When you are the concierge of your own … Continue reading Feast or Famine

Does the knowing make the doing any easier?

Doing some cleaning-out (Yes, I am trying to do the Marie Kondo method – not super successfully, but trying!), I just found a list of “quotes” in a notebook from about 10 years ago. They are a bit of guidance to myself on how to live life fully - using your mind and making conscious … Continue reading Does the knowing make the doing any easier?

Let the Bad Girl Out!

I’m a type-A, high achiever. I am intelligent and disciplined.   I work hard at tasks given and make things happen. And I want to let my (inner) bad-girl out! I play by the rules. I do what is expected. I was (am) the good girl - the honor-roll student, the responsible daughter, the met-expectations employee, … Continue reading Let the Bad Girl Out!