Being Open about Scams

I learned about a local senior theater group (Sages) at a recent 100-Woman-Who-Care meeting.  The WWC organization is a collective philanthropic with local chapters.  The concept is 100 women (more or less) get together quarterly to collectively donate money to a local non-profit to make a bigger impact.  I joined the local group to learn … Continue reading Being Open about Scams

Retirement Myths?

When I was writing about Life Purpose recently (link here), I started to think that finding a grand Life Purpose (capital letters) might be a “Retirement Myth” meaning ideas about retirement that are not really true.  Or aspects of retirement that if you don't implement for yourself, you feel like you’ve failed.  What other retirement myths … Continue reading Retirement Myths?

Being Intentional about Friendship

A friend sent me an article about intentionality in friendship, saying it sounded a bit like me. (see link here) Actually, this described someone more anal than me when it comes to Intentional Connections!  I’m mentioned this many times, but when I retired, I lost 75% of my daily connections. Our Big Move to Florida … Continue reading Being Intentional about Friendship

A Grand Life Purpose or Just Little Ripples?

I’ve struggled in my retirement transition with the concept of Life Purpose.  It is not as simple as answering the question, ”Do I have a life purpose?” I struggled so much with it that I abandoned the term in favor of Personal Development!  See previous posts on Life Purpose, A Purpose-driven retirement and key life … Continue reading A Grand Life Purpose or Just Little Ripples?