Living a 21st Century Retirement

It continues to surprise me how often hear people are “afraid to retire” because they still have the old mental vision of retirement – old age and restricted mobility, limited activities and isolationism, daily boredom. When you consider that many of us will have 25-30 years of retirement, transition into a 21st Century Retirement is … Continue reading Living a 21st Century Retirement

Vision Board & Word of the Year — 2017

Choosing a word for the year takes careful consideration.   I contemplated a number of words after my choice last year (JOY) was so impactful for me in 2016.   My word for this year finally emerged while doing my vision board for the year! My word for 2017 is Live.   (the verb) Vision Board 2017   … Continue reading Vision Board & Word of the Year — 2017

Vision Board – 2016 Culmination

In early 2016, I was encouraged to create a 2016 Vision Board.   Vision Boards are a fun way to use your creative side to visualize a future.   My Vision Board for 2016 was full of color, created a very positive feel for my year, and supported the word of the year I had chose - … Continue reading Vision Board – 2016 Culmination