Although I recognize retirement, like life, is a series of transitions, it still surprises me how things change. Over my years in retirement, I’ve gone from doing consulting projects that kept me “being productive” to not doing any paid work at all. I’ve added different types of exercise into my life; some stayed and some didn't. … Continue reading Whimsey

Inner Critic versus Inner Child

In my last blog post (link here), I mentioned going down the rabbit hole on anger management.  Well, the rabbit hole continued deeper and led to podcasts on the Inner Critic (critical voice), which led to reading more on the Inner Child (wounded child).  I hadn't really separated out in my mind these two different … Continue reading Inner Critic versus Inner Child

Tarot Exploration and Overthinking

I took an intriguing on-line class learning more about Tarot. (A link to Susannah Conway’s course called 78 Mirrors here)  I’m definitely a beginner in Tarot, and so my AHA’s from this course are all in the beginner’s area.  For example, I was surprised to learn that there are 3 main “systems” of Tarot, and … Continue reading Tarot Exploration and Overthinking

March ReCap and April Planning

Winter was a whirl of emotions, many of them negative. My Winter Possibilities List had so many things I did not check off, it was disheartening. I tell myself it’s only about possibilities, but still.  So, I am taking a tool from the Self-Talk book learning (link here) and applying it to March.  Can I … Continue reading March ReCap and April Planning

An Unexpected Final Good-bye

I had originally been crafting a blog post entitled “Caregiver Learning” which included quotes and insights from my reading about dealing with someone with cognitive decline.  Being an avid learner, I was reading about being a primary caregiver to someone with dementia, at both moderate and advanced stages.   I had not yet gotten to … Continue reading An Unexpected Final Good-bye

A Look Back on 2022 Blog Posts

I was intrigued by some other bloggers looking back on their year of posting and decided to follow suit. I was looking for some insights for myself, to see how far I’ve come in my own retirement journey, and maybe for some inspiration to keep blogging, And completing this review gave me a feeling of … Continue reading A Look Back on 2022 Blog Posts