What am I waiting for?

I realized recently I have developed a very strong habit of delaying gratification, of putting things off, of saying ”I will do that someday".  Guess what – someday is here!   But strongly held habits, ones you’ve had for years, are hard to break.  And I've been putting things off for year and years.  Even … Continue reading What am I waiting for?

Applying Innovation Expertise to Personal Innovation

So much of retirement planning focuses on the financial planning - providing guidance on investment balance, cash flow management, and how much should you save.   But very little talks about How-to-define your retirement life - the (many) days after the big day.   How do you create your best retirement life versus just allowing it to … Continue reading Applying Innovation Expertise to Personal Innovation

Stages of Retirement

I recently re-looked at the Robert Atchley (2000) 7 Stages of Retirement. He details the stages from pre-retirement through termination of retirement. I re-read his entry into retirement stage with renewed interest, as I have just passed through this stage (16 months since that day), as well as spoken to many about their own path … Continue reading Stages of Retirement