Enneagram as a Self-discovery Tool

As I mentioned in a past blog post (link here to rabbit hole or flow), I’ve been exploring Enneagram. I’m definitely thinking it’s a rabbit hole, as I have explored multiple sites, listened into a full week of seminars on the topic, and done hours of information synthesis.  Every time I delve in, hours disappear! … Continue reading Enneagram as a Self-discovery Tool

Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – PERMA

In learning more about Positive Psychology, the term PERMA was shared as an easy way to think about 5 key aspects that can aid in helping put Positive Psychology into practice.  Of these 5 PERMA aspects (listed below), I’ve talked about 4 in recent blog posts.  The last one, relationships, is also part of the … Continue reading Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – PERMA