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Updated April 2019

As I pass my third year writing this blog, I have to wonder, am I still in retirement transition?  And the reality is: I am still using the tools I discovered in my first years of retirement transition, because life, including retirement life, is a series of transitions.

In July 2014, I retired from a 30+ year corporate career with one company. This timing was a few years earlier than planned, as a highly attractive, early retirement package was offered.  Given the timing and my work-focused life style, I did not have a plan in place for what came next.  I am a planner by nature, so the days after the retirement moment became a journey of transition.

Part of the transition was (re)discovering who I wanted to be when I grow up and what I wanted to do.  I uncovered a desire to write, a love of research & synthesis, and a realization that I liked to advise/teach others. This all merged into creation of this… my Retirement Transition blog and then later, my book also called Retirement Transition.(available on Amazon.com)

With this blog, I continue to hope to connect with others on a similar midlife transition journey from full-time career to what comes next.  Learning how to move from working  as a workaholic to living life; balancing do-ing and be-ing; and fully embracing a 21st century retirement lifestyle.

I am finding that paths are a significant symbolic component of my journey.  My blog photo (taken by me on a hike in Alaska) is a representation of the Robert Frost poem reference of two paths diverged in a wood.  What path forward am I taking in every life transition?

I currently live in the Mid-west (Cincinnati) with my also-retired husband and our Lab-mix dog, Taylor.  We travel frequently to our beach cottage near St Petersburg, Florida.


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15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for following my blog…it looks like we have a lot in common in our mutual transitioning to this new retirement reality! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

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  2. Hi Pat, I found your site via the comment that you made on Kathy Merlino’s site. I am a work-at-home mom (i.e., middle age housewife) who draws a lot of inspiration from ladies who are a bit older than myself.

    I mean, I think I can learn so much from your insight, since you’ve already been down my path.

    Keep up the good work, and please let me know if you’d like to know more about freelance writing…which is what I do when I’m not being wife/mom.



  3. I saw your interview with Maddy. She interviewed us last week. We are former “workaholics” who also struggled with having fun! We’ve transitioned into full-time RVers. There are a lot of couples like you two, young and healthy with a dog, who travel, sightsee and enjoy life….and some even make $$$$ with their writing skills. I’ve “reblogged” a few on our site.
    Drop in and have a look around!


  4. Pat, I look forward to how a successful research expert like yourself will enlighten and inspire those of us who aren’t being as thorough or systemic. Great work so far.


  5. ok, here’s a spot for a reply! More connections: my hubby is also retired and we have a 3 yr. old lab. And, all of our interests and focus are the same! Welcome to blog land, remember that Oprah says it is very therapeutic to write, and if nothing else, will keep the brain going!

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    1. Pat, it sounds as if we have a lot in common! And although I am not a mid-westerner, I married one (from Middletown, OH). I have also launched a freelance writing business, Cypress Business Communications, Inc. If you ever want to chat about any of this transition stuff and compare notes, I am happy to. My direct email is leigh@cypressbizcomm.com. All the best!

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      1. I will connect with you direct. I am intrigued with “freelance writing business”. I would love to talk more about transition also. I am actually at my 12 month mark, and still in transition.

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