Invisible Woman Syndrome

I think I’ve found one “syndrome/complex” I don't have! I’m not saying it’s not real; it is just one I have not (yet?) experienced - Invisible Woman Syndrome. I’ve written before about the Bag Lady Syndrome and the Imposter Complex. (Link here) I have experienced both – not that either has any truth to them, … Continue reading Invisible Woman Syndrome

Mini Retirement Life Update

Here’s a mini update of what’s going on in my life right now: Kitchen RefreshI said I would try and figure out how to post pictures inside my blog.  Some regular commenters to my blog have asked to “see” the kitchen refresh I’ve mentioned.  Hubby encouraged me to do the kitchen re-do I was talking … Continue reading Mini Retirement Life Update

Retirement Lifestyle Domain of Personal Growth

This post completes Throwback Thursday across the 7 Domains of Life framework: Location/Lifestyle, Relationships/ Connections, Personal Development/Growth, Health/Wellbeing, Work/Career, Hobby/Leisure, Finances/Prosperity.  Today is about Personal Growth/Development. Lifestyle Domains Framework - Retirement Transition This last domain has always been the most difficult one for me as it is (in my framework) connected to purpose, legacy, and … Continue reading Retirement Lifestyle Domain of Personal Growth

Self-Discovery Tools Review

I’ve been delving into some new areas as part of learning and contemplation.  This time it was archetypes based on goddess mythology and the feminine equivalent to the Hero’s Journey. I will probably continue down this rabbit hole with more feminine-focused non-fiction literature reads as I am finding it fascinating.  But this new exploration made … Continue reading Self-Discovery Tools Review