Wastefulness Introspection

As we continue to pack for our Big Move, I’m become aware of some deeply held beliefs around wastefulness. Wastefulness was drummed into both my and my husband’s head by our depression-generation parents. If something is still usable, you do NOT get rid of it.   You keep things, just in case you might need them.   … Continue reading Wastefulness Introspection

Societal Expectations for Retirement

I’ve written a number of times how I’m highly prone to feeling like I should follow expectations.  And I’m probably not alone. I have come to realize that, even now, I regularly hear the societal expectations for retirement.   And for early retirement.  And for retirement of an “executive woman”.  Looking back on my own Retirement … Continue reading Societal Expectations for Retirement

Understanding your Strengths – Excess and Absence

In the final course of the Positive Psychology series I am taking (Coursera link here), they delved more into strengths. I’ve been intrigued with utilization of my Signature Strengths since it was first introduced in this course.  My focus has been how to utilize my Signature Strengths in areas OTHER THAN working.  How to use … Continue reading Understanding your Strengths – Excess and Absence