Retirement – A Series of Transitions

As I approach 4 years in retirement (OMG, where did the time fly to), I wonder if calling my blog Retirement Transition is becoming old.   Certainly I should have transitioned by now! And yet, I'm not there yet. I'm not yet completely living the retirement lifestyle I've envisioned. On some days, I still struggle with … Continue reading Retirement – A Series of Transitions

Guest Post “down under”

I have the wonderful opportunity to guest post over at Sue's wonderful blog site Sizzling Towards 60 and Beyond. Check out what I wrote:  7 ways to thrive which captures how I'm designing my new retirement lifestyle with daily choices. Please check out some of Sue's own postings as well.   She's an example of truly … Continue reading Guest Post “down under”

What is retirement life really like?

When you’re transitioning into retirement with only a limited plan of what comes next, often voiced fears include what will I do and will I be bored.   The stereotypes for retirees and early retirees are no longer true, but are still firmly engrained: Retirees move south to golf everyday or spend time with the grandkids … Continue reading What is retirement life really like?