Looking Ahead to 2021

It’s end of a challenging year with high numbers of new Covid-19 cases every day and expected to go even higher through the holiday season as so many folks struggle with isolation and indulge in “just a small gathering” of family and/or friends.  Covid-positives are getting closer and closer with a few close friends’ family … Continue reading Looking Ahead to 2021

Goal Setting in 2020 – So-So Results

Goal Setting is one of the elements of putting Positive Psychology to work. (Blog link here)  While I’ve not been that intentional on life goals (yet), I have set and tracked yearly goals in some of my activity areas. BLOG POSTS – My personal goal is 1 blog/week, which I tend to post on Sunday … Continue reading Goal Setting in 2020 – So-So Results

Is it Flow or a Rabbit Hole?

Often, “Finding Flow” is touted to be the holy grail of finding life happiness.  It's claimed that when you engage in your passion or utilize your signature strengths, you find a sense of flow - you lose track of time and get into the “zone”. It’s a highly positive feeling and one I’ve been wondering … Continue reading Is it Flow or a Rabbit Hole?