Let the Bad Girl Out!

I’m a type-A, high achiever. I am intelligent and disciplined.   I work hard at tasks given and make things happen. And I want to let my (inner) bad-girl out! I play by the rules. I do what is expected. I was (am) the good girl - the honor-roll student, the responsible daughter, the met-expectations employee, … Continue reading Let the Bad Girl Out!

Turn that Frown Upside Down

  One of the things I have tried to do during retirement transition is to stay positive about the changes happening.   I have to admit, I am more a pessimist by nature and yes, I defiantly have RBF (for those new to that term….resting bitch face).   During my work career, my pessimism showed up … Continue reading Turn that Frown Upside Down

What am I having fun doing in retirement?

  Inspired by Mr Firestation’s blog on his “spark areas” about what he expects to be doing the first year of retirement, I took a look at what I am having fun doing!    After my recent post on what-do-you-do, this list of things I’m having fun doing was eye-opening.   Here are some of the … Continue reading What am I having fun doing in retirement?

Joy in an Empty Calendar?

Learning the joy of an empty calendar is not easy.   Busy is a sign of worthiness, a sign of being needed and wanted, a sign of achievement and success.   I found that a completely empty calendar just made me feel worthless, adrift, and unhappy.   On a recent trip to our beach cottage, this was highlighted … Continue reading Joy in an Empty Calendar?

It’s Not an Overnight Transition

I’ve been thinking about my retirement transition a bit lately to understand if I’m done transitioning.   I like being able to check things off as being done.   Any transition is a journey, from the old to the new. It’ s one small step everyday. In the case of retirement transition, it’s a daily practice … Continue reading It’s Not an Overnight Transition