More Tools for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Continuing my insights from the series of Coursera classes on Positive Psychology (link here), this blog post will share more tools beyond Savoring (link here) and Cultivating Positive Emotions (link here). Positive Practice Tool: Utilizing your Character Strengths Utilizing your Character Strengths is a significant part of putting Positive Psychology into practice.  By focusing on … Continue reading More Tools for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Another Tool for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Learned optimism is one of the most important aspects of my retirement transition.   For most of my career, I was a critical-thinking pessimist.  I was excellent at looking at worse case scenarios and planning to avoid pitfalls on any project or change we were doing.  I had a boss once tell me “you’ll never be … Continue reading Another Tool for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – Savoring

As I continue to actively put Positive Psychology into practice, I am exploring some of the practices in more depth. Today I wanted to think/write more about Savoring to see if it stimulated some new activity ideas.  Savoring is the #1 Positive Practice in my list of 11 (see blog link here). When I first … Continue reading Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – Savoring

Putting Positive Psychology Into Practice – Part 2

This blog captures my recent synthesis of Positive Psychology explorations.  It’s my list of Positivity Practices /Positivity Skills Development where I’m capturing possible How-to’s not just on the absence of negative (the bad things to “stop”), but also on the cultivation & nurturing of the positive.  Why am I doing this?  Research continues to support … Continue reading Putting Positive Psychology Into Practice – Part 2

Putting Positive Psychology Into Practice

During the first couple of years of my retirement transition I explored Positive Psychology and worked on becoming a more positive, optimistic person.  (Yes, I was a highly critical pessimist!   Yes, optimism can be learned.)  I choose to be more positive because in my retirement life vision I wanted to be happy.  As I explored … Continue reading Putting Positive Psychology Into Practice

Key Questions on Life Domains

Building a life in retirement required me to think about things beside work. In my book Retirement Transition – An Innovative Approach (link here to Amazon purchase), I created a holistic Life Domains Framework with seven life design areas.  Building from a center of self-knowledge, I used this framework to help craft my Retirement Lifestyle … Continue reading Key Questions on Life Domains

Refining my How

My own retirement transition process (developed based on Design Thinking approach and outlined in my book Retirement Transition – Amazon link here) has 5 main steps: REFLECT: Self-discovery, know thyself. Deep introspection becomes the core foundation for creating your “Life Vision” statement (and for later assessing activities in action plan.) IMAGINE: All the possibilities. Lots … Continue reading Refining my How

An Update on my WOTY

My chosen 2020 Word of the Year (WOTY) was RELEASE (see original post here).   I wanted to focus on releasing self-limiting beliefs and long-term resentments.   I didn't realize I would also have to release parts of my self-created retirement lifestyle. But life happens. This post is an update on releasing self-limiting beliefs. After reviewing a … Continue reading An Update on my WOTY