Throwback Thursday – What’s Possible?

Part 3 of my Throwback Thursday series, linking back to some of the core Retirement Transition How-to’s, looks at IMAGINE, the second phase of the Retirement Transition process (detailed in my book – link here).  Imagine is about listing all the possibilities for your next stage of life. My own Possibilities List continues to get … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – What’s Possible?

Refine My Plan – Relook at my Possibilities List

Recently a blogger posed the question: What thing(s) would you really regret not checking off your bucket list? It made me go: Hmmm. I am a planner. I have an action plan and check lists and daily/weekly calendars. Not everyone needs this, but for me, it keeps me balanced. I’m a worrier; I wake up … Continue reading Refine My Plan – Relook at my Possibilities List

What’s on Your List?

Janis over at Retirementallychallenged published an interesting life list she had come across. (I wish I had the skill to do that last line with the appropriate link!) Her blog post made me go on-line to explore other people’s life lists to see if there were some new ideas for my own possibilities list. (There … Continue reading What’s on Your List?

Retirement Myth Busting

When I retired, a few well-meaning individuals informed me that the ideal retirement lifestyle for “someone like me” was 30/30/30.   Meaning: 30% of my time focused on work, 30% of my time focused on volunteering, and 30% of my time focused on leisure. Simple as that – go do it.   Besides the fact it … Continue reading Retirement Myth Busting

Will I or Won’t I…. become bored and depressed?

I recently saw another “phases of retirement” description that again highlighted a negative phase – this one talked about a retirement phase where you become bored and depressed.  A previous stages review had a stage called “Disappointment”.   I’m starting to wonder, at 18 months into this thing called retirement, will I or won’t I…. become … Continue reading Will I or Won’t I…. become bored and depressed?

What am I having fun doing in retirement?

  Inspired by Mr Firestation’s blog on his “spark areas” about what he expects to be doing the first year of retirement, I took a look at what I am having fun doing!    After my recent post on what-do-you-do, this list of things I’m having fun doing was eye-opening.   Here are some of the … Continue reading What am I having fun doing in retirement?

Applying Innovation Expertise to Personal Innovation

So much of retirement planning focuses on the financial planning - providing guidance on investment balance, cash flow management, and how much should you save.   But very little talks about How-to-define your retirement life - the (many) days after the big day.   How do you create your best retirement life versus just allowing it to … Continue reading Applying Innovation Expertise to Personal Innovation

Learning How to Play

I want my next stage of life to be “more play and less work” which means having a strong understanding of how my Leisure / Hobby Life Domain will come to life. Recall I’ve written about 7 Life Domains in thinking thru retirement transition.  When I created my life vision using these domains, initially the … Continue reading Learning How to Play