Enneagram as a Self-discovery Tool

As I mentioned in a past blog post (link here to rabbit hole or flow), I’ve been exploring Enneagram. I’m definitely thinking it’s a rabbit hole, as I have explored multiple sites, listened into a full week of seminars on the topic, and done hours of information synthesis.  Every time I delve in, hours disappear! … Continue reading Enneagram as a Self-discovery Tool

Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – PERMA

In learning more about Positive Psychology, the term PERMA was shared as an easy way to think about 5 key aspects that can aid in helping put Positive Psychology into practice.  Of these 5 PERMA aspects (listed below), I’ve talked about 4 in recent blog posts.  The last one, relationships, is also part of the … Continue reading Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – PERMA

Looking Ahead to 2021

It’s end of a challenging year with high numbers of new Covid-19 cases every day and expected to go even higher through the holiday season as so many folks struggle with isolation and indulge in “just a small gathering” of family and/or friends.  Covid-positives are getting closer and closer with a few close friends’ family … Continue reading Looking Ahead to 2021

Goal Setting in 2020 – So-So Results

Goal Setting is one of the elements of putting Positive Psychology to work. (Blog link here)  While I’ve not been that intentional on life goals (yet), I have set and tracked yearly goals in some of my activity areas. BLOG POSTS – My personal goal is 1 blog/week, which I tend to post on Sunday … Continue reading Goal Setting in 2020 – So-So Results

Is it Flow or a Rabbit Hole?

Often, “Finding Flow” is touted to be the holy grail of finding life happiness.  It's claimed that when you engage in your passion or utilize your signature strengths, you find a sense of flow - you lose track of time and get into the “zone”. It’s a highly positive feeling and one I’ve been wondering … Continue reading Is it Flow or a Rabbit Hole?

More Tools for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Continuing my insights from the series of Coursera classes on Positive Psychology (link here), this blog post will share more tools beyond Savoring (link here) and Cultivating Positive Emotions (link here). Positive Practice Tool: Utilizing your Character Strengths Utilizing your Character Strengths is a significant part of putting Positive Psychology into practice.  By focusing on … Continue reading More Tools for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Thanksgiving Remembrance & Letting Go

Like many, this year’s Thanksgiving will be different. I’m planning a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner for two.  And that stark reality brought to me a realization that I need to give up on a dream, finally.  A blogging buddy (Linda - blog link) posted recently about letting go of dreams.  I need to let go of … Continue reading Thanksgiving Remembrance & Letting Go

Another Tool for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Learned optimism is one of the most important aspects of my retirement transition.   For most of my career, I was a critical-thinking pessimist.  I was excellent at looking at worse case scenarios and planning to avoid pitfalls on any project or change we were doing.  I had a boss once tell me “you’ll never be … Continue reading Another Tool for Putting Positive Psychology into Practice