Imagine the Possibilities

This blog talks about creating a Life Possibilities List that will become your source of inspiration - to help bring clarity to what you want in your life (Life Plan), to create a daily/weekly/monthly plan, and/or to look to when you need a little push out of boredom.  In the Retirement Transition Process of Reflect, … Continue reading Imagine the Possibilities

The Liebster Award – An Honored Recipient

For non-Wordpress folks who read me or even WordPress newer bloggers, The Liebster Award is a pass-a-long recognition of seemingly unknown origin, used by small bloggers to pay forward a little visibility to other small bloggers (less than 200 followers). The award has a side effect - it helps people get to know other bloggers … Continue reading The Liebster Award – An Honored Recipient

The Lows of Transition

So retirement is all happy, happy, happy, right?   Not so much this first year where it felt a little bit like a roller coaster.  Many happy, stress-free days but also, the low points did happen.  You try something and get negative feedback. You lean in for something and get rejected. You feel totally uncertain … Continue reading The Lows of Transition

My Process to Work through Retirement Transition

After reading many different approaches to planning for retirement, I created a process to work through and create a Life Plan for this next life stage.  Why a plan?  One of my favorite quotes is a Japanese proverb: “Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare”.   So my process builds … Continue reading My Process to Work through Retirement Transition

What’s in a Name? – It’s not Retirement

The social concept of retirement is the same age as the oldest Baby-Boomers, created in the early 20th century as a way to move older, slower and more infirm workers out of the factories. As Baby-Boomers today reach the traditional age of retirement, the term retirement, and all it represents, has too many negative connotations … Continue reading What’s in a Name? – It’s not Retirement