Has the meaning of RSVP changed?

I’ve been wondering lately, has RSVP etiquette become obsolete? Am I becoming one of those people who can't adjust to the new ways of doing things? Am I starting to be one of those people who talks about the "good old days"? I’ve noted many instances where RSVP etiquette has been ignored. Here’s a couple … Continue reading Has the meaning of RSVP changed?

Hurricane Evacuation – a Swirl of Emotion

This blog post is a personal reflection on this past week.  I needed to do it for my own mental health.  It has absolutely nothing to do with retirement transition! We knew when we moved to our new home in Florida that hurricane evacuation was a possibility.  But we had owned property (second home) in … Continue reading Hurricane Evacuation – a Swirl of Emotion

Retirement Transition – some new thoughts

Given my blog’s name, I do continue to read articles on retirement transition.   I appreciate others perspective on this life milestone.  Many writers continue to work on shifting the perspective of what retirement is in today’s world. Too often retirement is still viewed as a diminishment of the individual, a time of stagnation and decline, … Continue reading Retirement Transition – some new thoughts

Possibilities Lists – A Retirement Transition Tool

This past summer I reconsidered my Seasonal To-Do List as a Possibilities List and found that mindset shift very up-lifting.  (See Link to Berate or Celebrate blog here.) I recalled early in my retirement transition, as part of the Retirement Transition Process, I created a very long Possibilities List. (First post about that idea here: … Continue reading Possibilities Lists – A Retirement Transition Tool

Being Open about Scams

I learned about a local senior theater group (Sages) at a recent 100-Woman-Who-Care meeting.  The WWC organization is a collective philanthropic with local chapters.  The concept is 100 women (more or less) get together quarterly to collectively donate money to a local non-profit to make a bigger impact.  I joined the local group to learn … Continue reading Being Open about Scams