Summer Planning

Although now that we are living in Florida and it feels like it’s been summer for weeks, and even though Summer Solstice on June 21st is often referred to as the start of summer, I’ve always felt that Memorial Day weekend was the start of summer. Last summer was a rough one emotionally (huge feeling of isolation with recent move, Red Tide, and huge surge of Covid), so I want to have a solid plan in place this year, just in case. Yes, I am a planner! I’m working on trying to be more spontaneous and go-with-the-flow, but I still feel a deep need for some possibilities on paper and some things on the schedule.

I looked back at previous summer plans. Yes, I’ve had different approaches in the past few years. One year’s plan had 72 check-off items on it! Some items were “normal” summer stuff – get to the beach (super easy now), farmer’s market, eat corn on the cob, spend time outdoors, a summer solstice celebration, July 4th fireworks. Some were my “normal” retirement lifestyle activities – book reading/book clubs, crossword puzzles, early morning beach yoga, Zoom Zumba, watch sunrises & sunsets, colorful pedicures, beach walk & talks, wine with friends. All of that is on the plan this summer.

On this summer’s list are a few new activities, a must-do repeat, and a couple of possibilities – prepared in case of some stuck-inside summer weather. Here’s a smattering:

  • Getting The Peach Truck peach delivery again – Yummy fresh picked Georgia peaches. Peach smoothies and new recipes with peaches!
  • Volunteering to be camp helper at the Garden Club Summer Camp. Me with a bunch of 6-10 year olds is going to be an interesting (out of comfort zone) experience!
  • Planning some Fun Crew activities – shuffleboard evening, dinner & theater, a Rays baseball game, and maybe an afternoon distillery tour!
  • Continue, and make a habit of, cardio drumming – a new activity that I am loving.
  • Planning some date nights and date day trips.
  • Hoping to get on SUP and surf-ski this summer…not sure what’s my fear here.

On the possibilities list – I have books purchased for summer learning, a list of museums to visit, and a few other possible summer projects to explore.

It doesn’t sound as exciting as many people’s summer travel plans. But it’s hitting all the areas of my retirement lifestyle: Active Body, Connected Heart, Creative Soul, Contemplative Mind.

What’s on your summer plan?

Picture Credit: Me! Beach sunset this week, minutes before the green flash, which I did not get on camera, but saw for the first time!

20 thoughts on “Summer Planning

  1. Camping and a mountain trip to visit family but mostly just outside time. Biking, walking, outdoor pool with grandkids, gardening, harvesting and assorted projects. It’s always busy and by late fall I am always ready for winter.

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  2. I think these sound like lovely summer plans and leave room for those opportunities that arise unexpectedly…or not. Here’s to a delightful summer, whatever that means for you!

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  3. Hi Pat, long time no “see”. I have stepped away from my blog and have been busy with other things. I think I may come back to it, but we’ll see. I saw your post on Twitter and thought I would check in and see what you are up to. It sounds like the move to Florida has been good and that retirement is continuing to treat you well. I might need to pick up on your planning summer activities method because I tend to put things off and not schedule things and then I am sorry in the end when I didn’t get to do something. After two years of restrictions due to Covid, I am ready to get back into the world again! I definately do not want to miss out this summer!
    Your picture is beautiful! Tace care and enjoy those things on your to do list. And the kids in the garden club will be fun!

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    1. I’m being very intentional with putting things on the calendar. Sometimes with a “?” on them, and sometimes things just don’t happen. Both I’m learning to be OK with!

      But I even put on the calendar time to plan things. Today was “send out a note” to my Fun Crew to gauge interest in a couple of things – ball game and distillery tour. Luckily my Crew is very appreciative of the planning I do, and I get to enjoy things with fun people. Win-wins!

      Yes, I was ready to start doing things again. Many of our activities are outdoors which helps, and almost everyone I know is vaxed and boosted.


  4. You have a great summer list! After spending 7 months in Houston for cancer treatment for my wife, we plan on enjoying the simple things. We plan to cook out more, enjoy the backyard pool, see a local theater play and live music. In August we have an Alaskan cruise booked. We had one booked in May 2020 and got cancelled with COVID. We are looking forward to it this year.

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    1. You have me thinking – we haven’t gotten an outdoor grill yet down here. That might be on the agenda this summer. One of the things I love about our move is the ability to spend so much time outdoors. Sounds like that’s a joy for you as well.


  5. Sounds like a great summer. We have a two week driving trip planned for the last half of June. Going to Oregon to watch World Track Championships, Washington state to see my cousin, and Yellowstone and Black Hills on the way home. Other than that, going to grandkids softball and baseball games and sticking close to home. Hopefully lots of time reading on the deck. Going to a movie this afternoon which is always a treat.

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    1. I’m going to put an afternoon movie on the list of possibilities! Great idea for super hot summer days here. And yeah, lots of time reading – in the shade – is planned here as well.


  6. Wow!!!!! You make me feel woefully underplanned! (is that a word – it should be given that I don’t really have anything other than my normal stuff planned). But maybe, you will inspire me to do so. Often at the end of summers I feel that I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. So, I’m going try really hard – I’ll work on it this afternoon after my workout – to do a little research and see what’s out there to do and actually plan it! Look at me, I’m going to start by planning to plan some things for summer! I even put it on my calendar for this afternoon!

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    1. Candyse, I’m glad you got some things put onto your calendar so at the end of summer you’ll feel a sense of having lived it… unlike past 2 summers which were barely living. It doesn’t need much – a couple of new rooftop bars, couple of new restaurants, an outdoor concert or two…. fun things! Wish I could join you for a couple!


  7. Hi Pat – we’re going into Winter here and I’m still busy getting my head around the new little job that I started a few weeks ago (I’m already making changes to try to make it more do-able and not allow it to become a wish-I-hadn’t-started-this project!) I think it’s good to have a few plans in place that remind you of all the reasons you moved to Florida in the first place, but not being too tightly tied to them is the key (and I think you have that figured out with your possibilities list being included). Enjoy your Summer days ahead. 🙂

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    1. Leanne, I’m also hoping that your new little job doesn’t turn into a big “oh -no”. But if it does, you do know (no pun intended) how to get out of a bad situation – you did it before! Yes, there’s a learning curve, but there might also come a moment when you say, nope. Truly hoping for the best outcome for you.


  8. So glad this summer you can plan activities to enjoy. I know last summer was hard on you with the move and being semi-isolated in a new home and location because of Covid. With the economy worrisome right now and the price of travel higher than ever, I am thinking we will spend the summer mostly at home. Would like to plant a small, raised bed garden with my granddaughter. Enjoy time in the pool. Maybe take in a Triple A baseball game.

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    1. So many people are traveling again, I almost feel wrong for only a couple of small trips planned to see family! I’m looking forward to a quieter summer. This time I’m ready for the semi-isolation, if it happens again.


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