Am I Doing What I Said I Would Do?

Over my emerging feminine consciousness series of blog posts this late winter and early spring, including posts on goddesses and childhood abandonment, I almost always finished a post with things I would do. I’m a huge believer in “so what” and to-do lists. But I started to wonder, “Am I doing what I said I would do?”

Reviewing all of my own posts, I’ve come to the conclusion that cultivating an emerging feminine consciousness for me means:

  • Breaking out of a patriarchy mindset and releasing alliance to patriarchal values, which includes giving up my need to accomplishment (so hard to do!), stopping being hierarchal and judgmental (also hard to do!), and growing in compassion.
  • Becoming more in tune with my intuition with a number of tools identified to help in this area, including spending time on creative projects, spending time being still, practicing multi-sensory noticing, and dream journaling.
  • Connecting to nature (spend time in garden, beach shelling, beach & park walks, awareness of the earth’s rhythms).

While not related directly to an emerging feminine consciousness, I said I would work on letting go my fear of abandonment/not belonging, know my Triggers & utilize my Glimmers, and do things solo. And while not called out in any of those posts, I want to continue to explore use of energy (Reiki, energy healing, etc.) and to read more on religion, Buddhism, Jewish mysticism.

While much of this is shifting how I think with heightened awareness, some is activity based. I have been adding in more creative projects with crafting, attempting to dream journal more, and definitely spending more time in nature.
This review was very helpful as I detailed my summer plans, adding in a few ideas for intuition building and solo adventures. Plus it reminded me to be aware of my thinking patterns, especially my judgment default.

Net, I am doing much of what I said I would and planning to do some others. Now if I could only give up my need for accomplishment and recognition!

Do you follow-up on the things you say you’ll do?

Picture this week is one of my recent crafting projects – a set of beaded swizzle sticks!

11 thoughts on “Am I Doing What I Said I Would Do?

  1. Hi Pat. I share your desire for accountability as a check-in with our retired selves. One of the more difficult changes in retirement is how to spend your time (notice I didn’t say fill time because it’s a higher goal than that!) and we all need to figure out ways to best manage it. I think it’s a great idea to look back a bit, see where you are, where you need to adjust, where you want to continue and where you want to try. Thanks for your great blog!

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    1. Judi, Thanks for your comment. I often find it challenging to have personal accountability which lead me to years of having no exercise program, no hobbies, bad eating habits, etc. So accountability checks are really good for me… am I spending my time on the things that matter to me? And yes, planning to do things that matter.


  2. I like your swizzle sticks very much! Make more art and be good to yourself! Since you asked, I don’t follow up as much as I used to. I also don’t commit or over-commit like I used to. If I commit to someone else about something – it is done! But if I don’t follow through on an idea that affects only me, I just go with the flow.

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    1. Tracey, I’m learning to go with the flow more… gosh, is that a steep learning curve for me! And I do not over-commit, which gives me time to play with crafts. I’m still balancing planning and allowing time for being spontaneous. Unfortunately, it feels more like if I don’t plan, I sit around and do nothing but snack and scroll on-line!


  3. Love your swizzle sticks. Everything is fine as long as there is joy involved in doing it. Now, in my life I am more of a Be-ing than a Do-ing. I share your enthusiasm in leaning about religion, Reiki, Tapping, Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Such a great check-in! But I agree with Leanne – don’t create a new stick to beat yourself with. Patriarchal structures are everywhere. Take your feminist goggles with you as you trek through the religion swamp. I became disillusioned with the written spiritual research a few years ago as once I got “deep” into a particular framework I found myself saying “Hmmm, this only REALLY works for men when you boil it down.” Women are always turned into sacred vessels for the creation of the next male generation, vessels that can be broken in order to get to the “real sacred life” contained inside. Even the vestal virgins were all about protecting the menfolk. I mean, that’s what i concluded. You may well find different!

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    1. Thanks for the warning as I delve in. I’m sure reading it all now with my heightened awareness of patriarchal mindset will be very interesting. I’m finding even reading novels now makes me cringe at times.

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  5. Hi Pat – love your swizzle sticks – seeing them so large reminded me of the lovely garden sticks made of large glass beads and balls. Good on you for keeping yourself accountable – but don’t let the process become a chore or a ticked to-do list, just go with the flow and I’m sure you’ll find you accomplish most of your goals in the process.

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    1. Leanne, I make garden stakes as well. 🙂 It was helpful to relook at what I wanted to do and remind myself of things… like activities to build my intuition. Sometimes I think my crafting is “non-productive” as it’s not really high art… but it is creative and that’s helping me in many ways.


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