A Trifecta Anniversary Post

One of the things I learned in studying Positive Psychology was that taking time to reminisce about positive experiences helps boost happiness. As a recovering negative thinker, this is not an easy task for me. It is also hard to not feel like I’m bragging (not something a “good girl” does!) if I share these things I’ve done.

Then I saw a post by blogger buddy Debbie discussing the differences between celebrating accomplishments and showing off/bragging. See link here – difference between celebrating accomplishments and showing off. In general, the consensus is to go ahead and talk about accomplishments – not to brag but to inspire,. So, whether it’s an example of all the things that can be accomplished after a life changing big move or in continuing to blog week in and week out, I hope this does inspire you.

So I’m doing it – an out of my comfort zone blog to talk about accomplishments. This next couple of months I’m celebrating three milestone anniversaries – a trifecta of 8 years retired, 7 years blogging, and 1 year Floridian!

Florida Living
Yes, it has been one year since the Big Move – 1000 miles from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast and a whole new lifestyle! Memories flooded me as I looked back over the ups and downs of this past year. I recalled the emotional turmoil of last summer’s isolation of the Red Tide, COVID Surge, and feeling like a failure in creating new connections. But there was also the positives of leaning into new experiences like regularly going to the local theater, becoming the appreciated designated planner for the Fun Crew, and enjoying learning about local gardening.

I reviewed the seemingly endless to-do list required in a move – a to do list that included all kinds of “adult-ing” needs – downsizing and donating (space is limited in Florida with no basement!); dealing with multiple vehicle registrations, flood insurance, and local doctors identification; and learning where everything is locally. And realizing that there are still some things not done on that list!

There was the unexpected and delightful kitchen refresh we did. I had forgotten my attempt at creating new habits (some stuck, most didn’t). I had also forgotten last summer’s Throwback Thursday series on the blog. I am quite proud of taking a chance on the late winter/early spring tangent series I did on various aspects of feminine consciousness, a topic I am still exploring.

It was amazing to me actually how much I fit into our first year here! Most days, I am quite happy about where I am, living my retirement lifestyle vision: Active Body, Connected Heart, Creative Soul, Contemplative Mind. There are still aspects I want to improve on and some things on the 22 for 22 list I need to get working on. But I do feel, after only one year, this is home and I’ve accomplished a lot, including creating IRL friend circles.

The BLOG at 7 years
When I started blogging, I wasn’t even a blog reader. I had just realized I found joy in writing and sharing my thought/ideas and it seemed like a good outlet. Now 312 posts later (!), over 100,000 views, and more than 900 followers making over 6200 comments, I can’t imagine stopping. And, I’m simply amazed at those numbers. I wonder at times where I’ll find new things to talk about. But then I recall that I find joy in the writing and inspiration in the connection my insights find, like sharing my insights into exploring feminine consciousness. And so I plug and chug for another post… like one bragging on accomplishments!

It was interesting to see that my most read posts this past year were all about activities: Mid Winter Review, Action Plan 2022, and When is it Too Much . Yes, that will inspire me to do some other activity-focused posts! After all, I am living my retirement lifestyle vision, created using the tools detailed in my Retirement Transition book. (Yes, still available – here’s link to Amazon) ☺

Retirement – 8 years later
I am finally fine with telling people I am retired. Maybe because I’m now approaching an age when it’s not as odd to be retired? Or maybe because I’ve learned to love the freedom I have living a lifestyle I’ve created, based on my own interests and values and not based on the should, the ought to, or the expected to? Or maybe Florida is just more accepting of retiree’s?

I am a very different person now than when I retired or even started this blog. I know I am extremely blessed – with financial security, with a supportive spouse, with good health. After 8 years, it’s often hard to recall the person I used to be. And I’m OK with that. I still believe that retirement is, like life, a series of transitions. And so, my retirement (and life) transitions continue…living on the Florida Gulf Coast, being a blogger, and continuing to explore things I find interesting.

Net, taking the time to reminisce about positive experiences DOES help boost happiness!

Thanks for indulging me in my celebration of the milestones..

Picture: Latest playing with crafts – turning old glass lampshades into garden solar night lights

16 thoughts on “A Trifecta Anniversary Post

  1. Congratulations Pat on three amazing milestones! Like several others who have commented, I was not a blog reader until I started thinking about blogging myself. Then I started checking them out and found I really enjoyed both reading and writing blogs. Now I’ve been doing both for nearly seven years. One more week, and I will also be joining you as a retiree. I can hardly believe it. I’m excited though!

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    1. Christie, I am sure many of us are looking forward to seeing how you manage your transition… with so many of us ready to offer insight and encouragement. 🙂 I do hope you keep blogging as you explore a new retirement lifestyle.


    1. Janis, it is so hard to believe it has been that long, isn’t it? And yeah, I am so very blessed to be living the life I am living. I am thankful for it every single day.


  2. Hi, Pat – Congratulations on all of these accomplishments (and more)! I’m with Debbie in finding sharing like this to be very inspirational. I have been retired for 7 years (this June) and blogging for 6.5 years so our timelines are similar. You have inspired me to check my WP stats!!

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    1. I know – every time I see someone talk WP stats, I want to go look at mine. And anniversaries make me look at them also. It still amazes me when I see the numbers! And looking at the most-read posts was intriguing too — my next post is reflective of that insight.


  3. Congrats on all your milestones!! And there’s no bragging in any of it. Moving is always tough, whether it’s across the city or across the country. However, I do know finding new doctors, etc. is a big chore. I think you’ve handled everything very well. Keep on writing. I was never a blog reader either until I started my own blog. I enjoy reading several blogs now!!

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    1. I read way too many blogs now…and often feel guilty if I don’t keep up with things and comment! (or at least “like”!) I know, that is silly. I do enjoy reading many and now they feel like friends that I don’t want to ignore!


  4. Congrats on all 3 great accomplishments! I enjoy your blog and it has helped me as I transition into retirement life. Thx – LindaO


  5. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year!!! I knew you would do great, I miss you and your activity planning tremendously! And I love reading about the adventures you are having in Florida. So “brag” away!!!
    I totally agree about telling people about being retired. I felt pretty weird about saying it myself and I didn’t retire as young as you. I just went to my dental school reunion (not saying the year) and was the only one that had retired. Hard workers, those dentists! It felt a bit awkward but I love being retired. And I recommended your book to one of my fellow classmates who said they were starting to think about it. Hopefully they will get one. I think I’ll email them to remind them. It is gives excellent insight on the things to have ready before retiring!
    I love reading your blog and even the tangents so blog away as well!

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    1. Candyse, thanks for your comments… and for recommending my book. I think it’s easier saying and being retired here where we live now because so many others we’ve linked in with are also retired. It’s not the oddity, which I felt I was back in Cinci for a long time. And tangents… this summer I think I’m getting into another one – when it gets really hot, I want to be inside reading mid-day! Today our heat index was over 100… already!


  6. Hi Pat – I can’t believe it’s been a year already since you moved! Time certainly flies and you seem very settled these days. And I totally get starting a blog without ever being a blog readerr (me too!) And I can’t believe the joy blogging has brought with it – the friendships across the world, the inspiration, encouragement, and growth has been amazing (and it’s been nearly 8 years for me). I’m also glad to see that you’re settling into retirement – I’m still bouncing around a bit to find my sweet spot – the new job is turning out to be a bit of a “what have I done?” thing and I’m not sure if it’s a long term decision or a confirmation that being fully retired is finally going to sink in. Time will tell. So happy to see you acknowledging all you’ve accomplished. 🙂

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    1. Leanne, Yes, I actually do feel settled in. I recall on other moves in my life, it took much longer for that feeling, I think being retired, I could focus on just being here. There’s still lots to learn about finding my way around. I lived in our last (small) city for 30+ years and knew my way around everywhere. I have a long list of places to see/visit here! It’s quite unique to live in a place most other people vacation in.


  7. What a great way to share your achievements Pat, I loved reading of your trifecta and not a brag in sight 🙂 Happy anniversary x 3 🙂 Thanks also for sharing my recent post -it was something that took me a while to write as I just wasn’t sure if it was worth mentioning, but as usual. the comments came in and I found I wasn’t alone after-all! Wishing you many more years of blogging to come with more accomplishments to share.

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