Updating the Bucket List

While I have sometimes called my Seasonal Plans a “bucket list”, they are in reality 3-month action plans. I do have a more traditional bucket list, the things-to-do-before-I-die kind-of-list. There are some things that have been on that list for years. And I’m starting to think I should drop some of them from the list. … Continue reading Updating the Bucket List

September Musings

Retirement for me is an intentional way of living, aligning my lifestyle choices and actions/activities with my highest priorities/values. I’ve crafted a lifestyle vision statement based on that: Active. Connected. Creative. Contemplative. This blog post is simply a series of musings I’ve had this month as I’ve contemplated various blogs I am reading.   Am … Continue reading September Musings

Buzzwords Abound – What does Self-Care mean to you?

While self-care might feel like the latest million-dollar buzzword, there is something intriguing in caring for yourself. Appreciating yourself. Loving yourself. As part of my Retirement Transition I’m learning how to be kinder to myself.  I’m working on letting go of the Imposter Complex and the feelings of “I’m not enough”. So Self-Care felt like … Continue reading Buzzwords Abound – What does Self-Care mean to you?