Action Plan 2022

For me, planning is a creative and motivating activity.  It helps give shape to my dreams/visions and allows me to build structure & routine. Plans for me are not set in stone – I am fine (usually) with changing plans along the way. I’ve learned that I am not great with having day after day of an open calendar – I begin to feel adrift. I need the structure of a plan to keep me grounded and happy.

Looking ahead to 2022 is all about creating the pace of life that suits us/me, continuing to work on quieting my inner critic (comparing, judging, setting expectations), and accepting what is (including no guilt for the abundance, but also accepting limited travel is “us”, accepting a cluttered/lived in house is “us”).  I want to embrace being the designated planner, which is helping me form a new local tribe, but also create habits to stay connected to far away friends.

I’ve struggled with a format for my 2022 Plan – a “22 for 22” list, using my “active, connected, creative, contemplative” retirement lifestyle statement, or having a word of the year (WOTY).  I love lists and I love frameworks.  I created both for 2022, and they overlap immensely.  What I love about the framework is it builds in my 11 PPPP tenets (Putting Positive Psychology into Practice), my recent insights about Goddesses within (future blog posts will talk this more), and all the 22 for 22 items.  But the list gives me an opportunity to check things off – something I love to do! 

I’m leaning towards not having a WOTY and keep BOTH my list and my framework as the “action plan for 22”.

Here’s a reduced version of my 22 for 22 List and a reduced framework picture:

22 for 22

  1. Invest in Experiences & track 101 New Things for 2022
  2. Big Goal – Plan & execute trip for 30th Anniversary
  3. Savor culinary experiences & track New Recipes (24 for 2022)
  4. Savor daily living
  5. Daily Gratitude/Morning Journal
  6. Boost Love of Learning & track Books Read (52 for 2022)
  7. Boost Time in Nature
  8. Be Active – cardio/steps & strength training
  9. Be Active – regular yoga
  10. Plan Far-away-Friends Connections
  11. Plan IRL Local Connections
  12. Create more opportunities for substantive conversations
  13. Continue Love of Words – writing/blogging, synthesizing, crosswords
  14. Courage to Activate the “Someday I Wills”
  15. Shift my Beliefs/Mindset (PPPP #10)
  16. Florida house/yard projects – Reduce & donate; next projects
  17. Big Goal – Ebay selling – get rid of stuff
  18. Continue exploring Philanthropy in Florida
  19. Get Crafty!
  20. Continue to explore spirituality/feminism
  21. Big Challenge: Figure out How to get Hubby to Organize the Office, Decluuter the Garage, Reduce clothing.
  22. Celebrate the “wins”

My MIND BODY HEART SOUL Framework:  Active, Connected, Creative, and Contemplative

MIND – Contemplative – Thinking
Expand the mind/learning & synthesizing
Air Element
Psychological/Mental Wellbeing
Activate Non-judgmental Wisdom of Metis
Appreciate the Solitude of Hestia  

Practice Gratitude Meditation/Journaling
Emotional Awareness Tool
Love of Words
Activate Strengths
Stop Compare & Despair
Stop Should Language
Shift Self-Limiting Beliefs
Courage on the Someday-I-Wills
Boost Love of Learning – New Class/Area Study  
BODY – Active – Healthy
Movement/strengthen the body/energy
The Earth
Physical Wellbeing Physical
Home & Environment
Identify right Goddess inspiration  

Daily Movement/ Bike Rides/ Zoom Zumba
Strength Train
Yoga & Meditation/Beach Yoga
Sleep/ Eat Healthy/Hydrate
Farmer’s Markets – fruit & veggies
Monthly Massage/ Jet Tub baths
Side Yard Plantings & Gardening
Portico Design & House project(s)
More time in Nature – park hikes/beach walks  
HEART – Connected – Belonging
Heart connections/tribe/relationships
Water Element
Emotional Wellbeing
Activate the Feminine Connection of Metis
Enjoy the Tactical Planning of Athena
Be the Designated Planner  

Intentional Connections – Far-away-Friends
Walk & Talks/ Whine & Wines
Substantive Conversations
Compatible Couples
Practice Kindness
Book Club (Books Read Tracking)
Garden Club(s)
Out & About Activities – Tourist in Own Town/day trips
Plan Movie Night
Mid-Week Foodies – near & far
Explore Philanthropy
SOUL – Creative – Authentic Self
Feed the soul/ spirituality/purpose
Fire Element
Spiritual Wellbeing/ Creativity
Activate Childlike wonder and joy of Persephone
Embrace the Authentic Self from Hecate’s insight
Acceptance of Authentic Self  

New Experiences Tracking
Savor Being Outside – sunrises/sunsets
Star Gaze/ Tide Watch
Fun with Cooking – New Recipes Tracking
Craft shows/Farmers markets/ Art Galleries
Play More/Update Jolts of Joy
Get Crafty Cross-stitch/Coloring Book
Fun Pedicure Color
Increase Solo Activities
Tarot Cards/Chakras Explore
Explore Spirituality/Feminism
Drum Circle & Women’s group/circle  

It might be complicated for others, but it brings a sense of grounded-ness for me.

And it is certainly bringing my retirement lifestyle vision to life in daily living!

What’s on your 2022 Plan?

Picture Credit – me – Sunrise January 1 2022

26 thoughts on “Action Plan 2022

  1. It’s great to see how you do this and what you know works for you. Lovely read…and good going with the details…you love and need your plans I know and that is because you know yourself well.
    Thank you for linking up for the first Life This Week in 2022 at Denyse Whelan Blogs.
    Thank you too for sharing your post with our community and commenting on mine.
    See you next week for 2/51 Life This Week,
    Warm wishes

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  2. Pat, good choice to detail your goals within a framework. That approach should serve you well and help you to stay on track throughout 2022. You strike me as a person who values structure as opposed to the ambiguity of a WOTY. Best of luck with your intentions!

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    1. Suzanne, I’ve had WOTY’s that have really helped (Joy, Soar, and Release were all really helpful in the years I had them) but this year, nothing came to me. I do love watching how others activate their words, too. But yeah, my framework feels right for this year.

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    1. Donna, A number of times I’ve hit “milestones” in my journey and they simply were there. Almost anti-climatic. So now, when I accomplish something – even if it’s just finally doing something that has been on my to-do list for years, I give myself a whoo-hoo. A mental high-five. Why not celebrate the little things?


  3. Hi Pat, your 22 for 22 list is just the thing I need to do to have some goals and objectives for this year. 2021 seemed to slip right on by with not many accomplishments to show for it. I like that you’ve included Big and not so big things. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    1. Sharon, I did a 21 for 21 last year (20 for 20 year before) and am finding that adding in the little things that are activating my retirement lifestyle vision on a daily basis really help me feel a sense of contentment. It’s not achieving something like running a marathon, but it is living each day with intention.

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    1. I am going to do a series of posts about my goddess and feminist writing exploration, so more details will come. The exploration included looking at goddesses as archetypes – the “instinctual” collective unconscious patterns we might have, active or latent, within us. Metis is one of the crone goddess archetypes and when I read about her, I felt an inner connection – the archetype is probably latent in me and one I am attempting to empower. One of her elements is feminine connection. So, “finding my tribe” post move was a huge deal for me – and one I am continuing to intentionally work on.


  4. Girl, you have done more in just creating this Action Plan for 2022 than I might do all year!!!! I love that you can be so thoughtful and goal oriented to create such a plan. This post truly speaks of the Pat I know. I know that you will be more comfortable having a well structured plan to follow. I know that you will strive to follow this plan and that this plan will keep you in check as to feeling like you are achieving goals (which you love). Well done in creating a plan! Just thinking about creating a plan for 2022 wears me out! I have probably mentioned this before but I think you have found your next career – Retirement coach! You can sit with others (like me) who would feel totally overwhelmed in even trying to go through the process much less creating an Action Plan and help them create a plan that works for them! As in, I would love to have a plan but the thought of trying to devise such a plan seems like way too much work! It makes me dizzy to think about. And yet, I believe having such a wonderful plan would be helpful for me to feel like I’m not just floundering through my retirement, like I’m actually utilizing my life for better living. That I’m set up to enjoy my retirement. Yup, you’ve got a new career!

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    1. Candyse, we are absolutely going to sit down (over wine for sure) and create a plan for you. Not as structured as mine (you’d hate too much structure), but I know you have some amazing things happening this year (COVID be damned). For me, it was helpful to put elements in the plan that are really just living my retirement vision – so let’s relook at your vision statement (where did you put your vision board when you moved?) and see if it’s still valid. My vision statement shifted a few times, but the one I’m on now feels right still. Talk soon!


    1. Thanks Janet. I’m feeling really good about where I am on my retirement journey. Yes, some days still get me down (another covid surge – damn), but overall things are really good. I’m glad you found my planning inspiring.

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  5. Hi Pat – great goals and yes you do put a lot of thought and structure into your intentions. As I’ve eased into retirement I seem to be throwing a lot of my planning and structure to the wind – but we’re all different and I think that’s a great thing. I’m tackling 2022 much less “deeply” than previous years, I’m aiming to make it all about choosing my attitude and celebrating the positives – hence my slightly frivolous #WOTY that I shared today. Happy 2022!

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    1. I love your WOTY and looking forward to all the quotes you’ll connect with it. Being able to accept the thinker/planner within me and not feel “less than” when others are different (or judgmental either) has been a big part of my retirement learning curve.


    1. Hubby reads this blog… so that’s my first nag on him. And I did call it out as a Big Challenge! We’ve been here 6 months and he still has not finished “unpacking”! Ugh.


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