Retirement Lifestyle Vision Statement Update

My current Retirement Lifestyle vision statement (below) is really defining the activities in which I engage. See link here on my review of how my vision statement was refined through my retirement transition to this current statement: Active, Connected, Creative, Contemplative. These 4 vision areas and my Putting Positive Psychology into Practice Tenets really define … Continue reading Retirement Lifestyle Vision Statement Update

Exploring Domains for a Retirement Lifestyle Vision

A big part of Reflect phase of the Retirement Transition Process is spending time to envision what you want your retirement life to be across the 7 Domains of Life Framework.  These domains are: Location/Lifestyle, Relationships/ Connections, Personal Development/Growth (Generativity), Health/Wellbeing, Work/Career, Hobby/Leisure, and Finances/Prosperity.  In my Retirement Transition book (link here), I’ve included questions … Continue reading Exploring Domains for a Retirement Lifestyle Vision

Throwback Thursday – Reflect

Part 2 of my Throwback Thursday series, linking back to some of the core Retirement Transition How-to’s, looks at REFLECT, the first phase of the Retirement Transition process (detailed in my book – link here).  I returned to this phase multiple times during my retirement years, as I desired to learn more about my authentic … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Reflect

Key Questions on Life Domains

Building a life in retirement required me to think about things beside work. In my book Retirement Transition – An Innovative Approach (link here to Amazon purchase), I created a holistic Life Domains Framework with seven life design areas.  Building from a center of self-knowledge, I used this framework to help craft my Retirement Lifestyle … Continue reading Key Questions on Life Domains

My Year of Contemplation

My refined Retirement Lifestyle Vision Statement is a series of 4 words: Active. Connected. Creative. Contemplative. Early on 2019, I knew it was going to be my year of contemplation. I had worked on building a more active lifestyle with yoga, zumba, regular walking in Cincinnati, adding in biking in Florida. Being active needs to … Continue reading My Year of Contemplation

Summer Summary & Autumn Action Plan

Sometimes in this retirement life, I feel like I need to start with an “AA” like statement, “Hi, my name is Pat and I’m a planner”.   I’ve learned that I need written plans – weekly schedules and daily to-do’s.  Seasonal action plans also fit this need.  When I have plans in place I feel a … Continue reading Summer Summary & Autumn Action Plan