A Look Back on 2022 Blog Posts

I was intrigued by some other bloggers looking back on their year of posting and decided to follow suit. I was looking for some insights for myself, to see how far I’ve come in my own retirement journey, and maybe for some inspiration to keep blogging, And completing this review gave me a feeling of accomplishment.

In 2022, I posted 49 times. Since my “intent” is to post weekly, I was pleased to see I came quite close to that! Life sometimes gets in the way, or I just cannot find words to put on paper. But a weekly rhythm is something I will continue to strive for.

As I looked at topics I wrote about, 35% of my posts were on using retirement transition tools!  I use many of the tools I learned during my early retirement transition on a regular bases – some are positive psychology practices, some are planning tools. I was pleased to see that the bulk of my posts were actually still on my blog’s original “theme”!

There were another 25% of my blogs about my actual retirement lifestyle – the activities I planned and/or then executed. This type of topic seems to be of interest to many!

And finally, it was interesting to see 20% of my blogs were on the areas of learning I explored this year – feminine consciousness and world religions, both tangents from my theme of retirement transition. Not on theme, but often these posts generated some interesting comments!

My top posts for the year (based on number of readers) had no real rhyme or reason – not topic, or timing. If you’re curious, my top posts in 2022 were::

My favorite title of the year is definitely “It’s Time to Eat the Marshmallow”!  But I’m happy to see personal growth topics like “Shifting Self-limiting Beliefs” and “Triggers and Glimmers” were read by many.

Is there a topic you would like me to explore this coming year?  Is there something about Retirement Transition you’re interesting in hearing my perspective?

Picture Credit: Florida winter flowers in bloom!

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8 thoughts on “A Look Back on 2022 Blog Posts

  1. I like your review. Very indepth and, as always, very analytical. I post randomly and often random stuff, so I don’t have any specific goals. As to any specific topics to address nothing springs to mind.

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  2. Pat, congratulations on almost meeting your one-post-per-week goal. That’s impressive. I remember your marshmallow post as well as triggers and glimmers. I’m sure I read most of the others also, but those two stood out. I think how people choose to spend their time when they no longer have the constraints of a ‘job’ is interesting. Each of us has our own unique interpretation of what feels right and we all have something to teach and something to learn. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights.

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  3. Hi Pat, I always look forward to reading your posts. I’ve learned so much and I typically pull at least one nugget or ‘a-ha moment’ from each. I’ll be celebrating 1 year of retirement April 1st (yay!) and I still struggle with accepting that my daily activities are ‘enough’. I tell myself that as long as I am satisfied I don’t need to worry what anyone else might think…but that nagging little voice in my head still comes through. I’m sure it’s the decades of conditioning I’ve experienced and my ‘people-pleaser’ tendancies but I’d appreciate any perspective you’d like to share on how to deal with it. Thank you!!!😊

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    1. Someone asked me last week “what have you been up to” and of course the best response came to me 24 hours later. It was “I’m learning to live full time in Florida” which is all about daily activities! And to be honest, it has taken me years being in retirement to give up the need to be “productive”, to have a big trip planned or taken, to be working on a big project or goal. These days I am all about daily activities that are active, creative, connecting with others, or simply contemplative.


  4. Hi Pat – I’m one of those people who particularly enjoyed your post on Glimmers – it’s been something I’ve adopted into my own life and mix it with little moments or flashes of joy – sparkles in my day. Here’s to another great year of blogging and connecting! 🙂

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    1. Yeah to adopting the glimmers concept. I slipped up on using them this week, once again. I did however focus on gratitude, which if you read my post this week you’ll see why.


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