Seasonal Bucket List – A New Way to Talk the Quarterly Action Plan

After retirement, some habits just do not die. You learn that some of those habits you really do need!  I’m a planner.  Most days, I need to have things on my calendar. I am learning to enjoy the occasional non-scheduled day, but too many in a week and I get a bit antsy.  So I need … Continue reading Seasonal Bucket List – A New Way to Talk the Quarterly Action Plan

Official Announcement – It’s Here

I am super excited to announce that my book Retirement Transition is now available online at both Amazon (link) and Barnes & Noble (link). Why a book?  I was inspired by a couple of colleagues through the years who published their own books (Joanna Z and Mike T), encouraged by many, many friends who insisted … Continue reading Official Announcement – It’s Here

Retirement Voices – Share your story, too.

I had the opportunity to input to a Retirement Voices book, an idea from Leslie Inman and Roxanne Jones. In their own words, “We’re creating a book entitled Voices from the Other Side…of Retirement. It will be a guide for soon-to-be-retiring women, with advice, lessons learned and stories from women who’ve already left the working world—a … Continue reading Retirement Voices – Share your story, too.

Seasonal Bucket Lists

Not quite a new year’s post, but this is a look back - look forward post. I’ve been using seasonal bucket lists this past year instead of "action plans" and enjoyed the slight modification in thinking.  My first seasonal plans were very detailed to-do lists.  This autumn, I took a different approach with only 10 … Continue reading Seasonal Bucket Lists