Additional Look Back at Life Framework Domains

A big part of Reflect phase of the Retirement Transition Process is thinking through what you want your life to be across the 7 Domains of Life Framework: Location/Lifestyle, Relationships/ Connections, Personal Development/Growth, Health/Wellbeing, Work/Career, Hobby/Leisure, Finances/Prosperity. With the core of your own values, strengths, motivations, and interests, exploring all these domains helps you craft your own unique retirement lifestyle vision.

My last Throwback Thursday post (link here) re-looked at some posts on Location/Lifestyle, Hobby/Leisure (play), and Relationships/ Connections. Here are some look-back posts on the Domain of Health & Well-being, which covers self-care as well.

Healthy Living as Part of my Transition Plan in November 2015

Self-Care in Retirement – April 2018

Healthy Habits – November 2018

What does Self Care mean to you – April 2019

Living a Healthier Lifestyle – May 2019

I’ve explored concepts of healthier living throughout my retirement transition, and even today it remains a critical element of my retirement lifestyle vision. For specific ways to explore your own health and wellbeing consider:

  • Do I have the right activities for my physical health? Do I have activities/habits that address daily movement, flexibility, and strength? Am I eating for nutrition and hydrating appropriately? Do I have habits that promote relaxation and good sleep hygiene?
  • Do I have the right activities for my emotional/mental health? Do I have activities/habits that address mental stimulation, stress management, and social connectivity?
  • Do I have the right activities for my spiritual health? Do I have activities/habits that address purpose, positivity, community connection, and spirituality /religious beliefs? Am I engaged in reflection and practicing mindfulness?
  • Do I/we have all the regular check-ups and appropriate diagnostic screenings/tests/shots planned? Do we have a plan to set up a new medical support structure as we move/age?

4 thoughts on “Additional Look Back at Life Framework Domains

  1. These are important questions to ask ourselves periodically. Thanks for the reminder, Pat. I’m happy to report that I have at least a few activities/habits in each of these areas. Of course, there is room for improvement in all of them as well.

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    1. Christie, When I retired I focused on a couple of areas at first (relationships and work/career actually), and then moved onto focusing on others. They were all helpful in thinking about our retirement lifestyle vision and I’ve eventually put effort into all the areas (over time). Right now, Health & Wellbeing, Personal Growth, and Relationships are probably my focus. Obviously Location was focus earlier this year!


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