Self-Discovery Tools Review

I’ve been delving into some new areas as part of learning and contemplation.  This time it was archetypes based on goddess mythology and the feminine equivalent to the Hero’s Journey. I will probably continue down this rabbit hole with more feminine-focused non-fiction literature reads as I am finding it fascinating.  But this new exploration made me stop to review all the self-discovery work I’ve done as part of my retirement journey.

If you’ve been following my blog for long, you’ll have seen me delving into understanding my strengths (VIA is one of the best tools for this – link here), learning about personality tools like Enneagram (link here) and Human Design (link here).  I’ve explored understanding how to balance/release blockages in my Chakras and how to put Positive Psychology into practice (my best blog summary here).   Years ago I had explored Pearson’s 12 archetypes (I was a Sage) and Johnson’s Spiritual Strengths. I’ve gone back to review all of these topics!

I have come to the realization that I am at a specific “stage of adult development” and the most recent goddess mythology has reiterated three elements I am personally working on:

  1. Separate from/release familial and societal expectations. Many have been internalized – I expect to hear them and therefore continue to hear them, even when they are not there.
  2. Cultivate my “feminine side”  – creativity, sensuality, and spirituality. For most of my life, I downplayed the feminine, especially career-wise.  I learned to play and succeed in a man’s world (as an engineer/product designer).  I’m naturally analytical and a critical thinker, so focusing on more masculine traits actually wasn’t that hard. Often in my reading about adult development, the integration of the masculine and the feminine has been sited as this “stage” – for someone my age.
  3. Learn to play and nurture a child-like curiosity and joy.

It was interesting that even in my take-away ideas from the goddess mythology exploration, the same things emerged: increase connection to nature, daily movement, and live in the moment.  One new element was the concept of integrating aspects for your authentic self – in this case blending the playfulness of Persephone, the tactical planning of Athena, the wisdom of Metis, and the dabbling of Artemis.

As I reviewed all the ways I’ve done self-discovery, I came back to putting Positive Psychology into practice as the BEST approach to living my best life at this moment in time.  It captures the tools, activities, and thinking patterns I’m actively working on:

  • SAVOR – invest in and enjoy new experiences, take time in nature, find joy in each day, and Increase use of all senses
  • GRATITUDE – daily gratitude journaling, regular emotional awareness journaling, and awareness of time abundance
  • Boost COURAGEOUSNESS – invest in experiences outside of comfort zone, activate the Someday-I-Wills, and do more things solo
  • Intentional CONNECTIONS – actively plan connections from far-away friends chats to building new local friendships, plan Out & About activities, and spend more time with hubby
  • Daily MOVEMENT – restart beach yoga, plan long(er) bike rides and more regular beach walks, keep up with Zumba and morning gardening
  • STOP Self-limiting Thinking– stop Compare & Despair (instead – Compare & Inspire or Compare & Admire), stop “hearing” expectations, stop using “should and should not” language, stop looking for external validation

I will probably always do the next personality quiz or profile “recommended”, not for more self-discovery but because I find them fascinating. [Yes, I just did one on Blind Spots! ] But when I do them, it’s nice to see consistency on Who I am, what my strengths are, and what my personal growth areas continue to be.

What’s your favorite self-discovery tool?

Picture Credit: Me, from, a local immersive art exhibit; part of my new experiences!

8 thoughts on “Self-Discovery Tools Review

  1. I had forgotten you were a successful woman engineer in a man’s world. I was always the opposite. Working in an almost exclusively female profession – librarian. Excited to follow along as you rediscover your feminine side. You’ve mentioned crafting or adopting an art project. Hope you find the perfect fit. The art you shared in your photograph reminds me of scratch board art. Had forgotten how lovely scratch board art can be. And maybe that isn’t what it is at all but reminds me of that.

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    1. I’m going to need to explore scratch board art as it’s not a term I’m familiar with. This was actually a picture of a huge kaleidoscope! There was lots of fun things in the art museum we went to – this was just so bright and cheerful.


  2. Well Pat, I reckon I remain a constant work in progress. I am learning more about myself as I quietly go about making small but significant changes to my ‘self-made’ pressures…lol. One of these is pretty big and that has been to reduce my blogging to one day a week. It’s opened up more time that I realised because I was taken up commenting on other link ups and making connections. I am always glad to do that but giving this new routine a go for the rest of the year and then I will review it.

    Thank you for linking up for #LifeThisWeek. Your post is a welcomed contribution to the community. Next week, the optional prompt is Self Care Stories. Instead, for me, I am doing a Wrap Part One of Women of Courage stories. I hope to see you next week too. Denyse.

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    1. I’ve always wondered where people find time to blog multiple times a week! Of course, my writing goes slow as my perfectionism comes out big time on my writing. And then reading comments and responding, plus reading others and commenting… I really don’t know how folks do it (maybe they don’t sleep?)…. so I’m not surprised you’re finding time freed up. I’m curious to see where your experiment lands you!


  3. Hi Pat, I can relate to those stages of adult development and especially encourage the learn to play and nurture a childlike curiosity and joy. You always have such interesting thoughts to share – many thanks. #lifethisweek

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  4. Hi Pat – I’m always interested to see what self-discovery tool you’re finding to delve into. I think that I can definitely relate to the first point about separating from expectations – and not “expecting to hear them”! I also like the idea of finding creativity in the second point – something I’m discovering very late in life. I like the idea of letting some of the logical/controlling side of myself rest and replacing it with freedom and creating and nature. This stage of life has proven to be such a joy for me.

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    1. It’s so wonderful to hear that last line from you. I’ve been following you long enough to recall your trepidation as you walked into early retirement! I too am finding a lot of joy at this point in my life!

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