Lifestyle Framework Domains Updated

As part of writing my book, Retirement Transition (link here), I created a 7-Domain Framework for a Retirement Lifestyle. These domains were seven areas to think about holistically as one moved into retirement because retirement planning is more than the finances!  For me, as a “structure-girl”, this framework was extremely helpful in thinking through what I wanted my retirement to be. 

I have mentioned a number of times how impactful I’ve found the Positive Psychology course work I took during the pandemic, including creating my own Putting Positive Psychology into Practice Tenets (link here for short version of them), which also built in information gleaned from Blue Zones and the Science of Wellbeing course (Yale/Coursera).

With all this in mind, I’ve discovered that my 7-domain framework has morphed into 9-domain framework.  (Hmm, new edition of my book?)  Here are the Retirement Lifestyle Domains I am now working with and some of the elements in each:

  • Connections/Relationships – being intentional on building connections (especially with significant life transitions like a move!)
  • Healthy Living Behaviors – being active, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, emotional awareness, body maintenance (including check-ups needed)
  • Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – daily gratitude, savor life moments, invest in experiences, mindset shifting (self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns)
  • Alone Time – learning to be and not just do, creative hobbies, reflection/meditation
  • Use your Strengths – understand VIA Signature Strengths (link here to find yours) and use them in daily living
  • Spirituality/Contemplation – live your core values, mindfulness, feeling of purpose, learning
  • Lifestyle Activities – new experiences/explorations, time in nature, travel planning, play time
  • Location/Home – where to live, home reflects lifestyle, de-clutter
  • Financial Security – retirement financial planning, philanthropy

My retirement lifestyle vision still remains the same (Active, Connected, Creative, Contemplative), but for large reviews (like the yearly one upcoming!), I still go back to a review of all the domains.

I continue to use the process and tools of retirement transition, with refinements, even 7 years post retirement!  I guess my structure-loving self needs it.

Do you have any life review approach you do at milestones like the New Year?

Picture: Me – a morning sunrise this week, even after the time change! I hope I never tire of my morning view.

8 thoughts on “Lifestyle Framework Domains Updated

  1. Hello Pat. That truly is a beautiful view to start the day. As I prepare for retirement, these are all good areas to focus on. (I do have your book, by the way!) We’ve recently had a financial review, and we’ve chosen our location. I’ve started some of the more challenging parts (for me) of thinking about what I want my day-to-day to look like. As a lifelong planner, I’ve also considered the need to relax that a little and open myself up to whatever presents itself. I’m sure I will find a balance of the two.

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    1. One of the things I’m learning about plans is that they are not written in stone! Just last week, the arborists called at 6PM and said they could be there the next day, instead of 3 weeks out (something freed up in the schedule), so our day-out-together plan for the day shifted as hubby needed to be here for them. Then, I got a text from a friend looking to borrow a bicycle for her visiting daughter… and she invited me along on their bike ride. The ride turned into a 20 mile tour of murals in downtown St Pete! Quite the new experience, that was totally not what I had planned for the day (and yes, hubby was jealous – but the tree take down was his request). So… relax a bit, absolutely! I put “relax times” in my planning. But, be open for possibilities too!


  2. Interesting as always Pat. I like your posts when I get to consider how I might fit into those areas too. I am learning to like doing less. Truly takes me a while to get something started (like art) and then I muse over it and no longer feel compelled to finish. At this time of year I am automatically drawn from my decades of reviewing classes/programs etc in education to do something similar for myself. Hence the blog post on new directions. I also need to plan a bit but not as much now so I think that is a credit to me, learning to BE!!

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week, I am sharing my self care stories for the last time in 2021. Where DID that year go?
    Hope to see you then too, on or off prompt!

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    1. I am so with you on where did this year go… it’s the beginning of my post for this nest week! I really understand the reference to school year. End of year reviews are my hold over from work!

      I’m learning to accept my need for planning and structure. When they are not in place, I feel out-of-sorts. And yes, I do plan in time to just be! I think my planning actually allows me to enjoy that time.


  3. You know, I think I have found your next career! Life coach for those of us that are dealing with retirement and aging issues! I need you to do all these things in this blog for me! I’m more a “use my hands” than “use my mind” kinda gal but I feel like I need to do some re-evaluation or maybe really an evaluation of what I want retirement to look like. I have some of it worked out but right now I feel like I can’t get anything set the way I want. I think re-evaluating what retirement looks like would be beneficial. Thanks for the thought!

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    1. I had to shift my thinking a bit this summer… I wanted to dive in with both feet into our new life. I even said “start as you mean to continue”. Well, that sure didn’t happen. I’m still unsure about some things, like travel, and other things are taking forever, like Tim unpacking. So yeah, re-evaluating and refining and accepting that things are going to be different than I expected, but it’s still going to be OK.


  4. Hi Pat – I don’t have a particular time of the year when I do reviews – I tend to pause and do one if I feel like something is a bit out of kilter. It might mean that I need to back off from one particular area and focus some attention elsewhere for a while. I think we all need to reassess and reset now and then to keep ourselves fresh and engaged.

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    1. Leanne, Sometimes I think I review and plan all the time! But I enjoy doing it, so I will not complain. Reviews help me reminisce about the fun things I’ve done. And planning… well, I’m a planner by nature and I’ve learned when I don’t plan, I get depressed… or out of kilter. I like that term! I’m diving into a big end of year review and planning for a new year – a full year ahead living in our new (and only) space/place. It feels like a ‘big deal’ to me!


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