Exploring Domains for a Retirement Lifestyle Vision

A big part of Reflect phase of the Retirement Transition Process is spending time to envision what you want your retirement life to be across the 7 Domains of Life Framework.  These domains are: Location/Lifestyle, Relationships/ Connections, Personal Development/Growth (Generativity), Health/Wellbeing, Work/Career, Hobby/Leisure, and Finances/Prosperity.  In my Retirement Transition book (link here), I’ve included questions and exercises to help you think through these areas.

Here’s a throwback post on Key questions for each Life Domain from August 2020

I worked through each of the domains myself, and here are some throwback posts from early in my Retirement Transition journey on Location/Lifestyle, Hobby/Leisure (play), and Relationships/ Connections, all high areas of interest in retirement for many people.  When I retired, I lost 80% of my regular connection with people because I was a workaholic and had little outside of work interests. Relationships/Connections remains a significant part of my retirement lifestyle vision action plans.

Even today, these three areas are important in my retirement life – with our Big Move to a new location creating a new lifestyle, establishing new friendships, and figuring out new leisure activities (or hoping to once the latest Covid surge is done). While envisioning is important to the Reflect phase of the process, it is still important in the Refine phase as well.

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