Life Vision Update

This year I did not do a WOTY (Word of the Year), but decided to live with intention against my current retirement lifestyle vision statement. This vision statement has been a consistent one for a few years now. More recently, I made the link to the mind, body, heart, and soul framework, which strengthened the vision for me.

Active Body, Connected Heart, Creative Soul, Contemplative Mind

Here are some of the things happening in each area so far this year:

Active Body – This part of my framework also encompasses where the body lives (physical home and environment). I enjoy the time I spend in the garden – yes, even the weeding. Time in nature is easy when I can sit on my patio and watch the sun reflecting on the water. I’ve finally gone back to weekly beach yoga! I do need to increase my beach walking, strength training, and bike riding, as those tend to be too sporadic.

Connected Heart – Since the beginning of my retirement, this has been, and continues to be, a steady focus area. Between keeping connected to physically distant friends with walk & talks (or whine & wines) and working on establishing new friends IRL locally, being intentional here takes time and effort. But it is worth it! Some of this helps me stay active too, with those sporadic beach walks or evenings of shuffleboard. And this focus also helps with investing in experiences, a key positivity practice.

Creative Soul – I added “Get Crafty” to my positivity practices list and I think it has helped! Beyond creativity in writing (all my synthesis posts of emerging feminine consciousness, goddesses, and abandonment), I’ve started being craftier. I really enjoy playing with beads making fairy wands and up-cycling wine corks into various things. It’s not high art, but it’s fun. And yes, everyone I know is getting the craft outputs!

Contemplative Mind – I continue to think about thinking; better understanding the mind (my mind!) fascinates me. I am also actively working on being more positive and accepting about life (as a recovering critical pessimist). Practicing gratitude, shifting self-limiting beliefs, being more aware of my triggers, and continuing to explore areas of interest in this space are all parts of my daily living. I’ve got my “summer reading list” ready to go.

Pat’s Positivity Practices – I’ve synthesized all the things I’ve learned about in Positive Psychology, the Blue Zones, the Science of Well-being, reading on positive aging, etc. into a list of my Positivity Practices for Personal Growth:

Savor the Little Things in Life
Morning Journal & Daily Gratitude
Invest in Experiences
Intentional Connections – IRL & Virtual
Embrace Self-Empowering Beliefs; Shift Negative Self-talk to Positive
Shift Compare & Despair to Observe & Admire
Understand your Triggers; Use your Glimmers
Look Inside for Validation; Listen to Your Intuition
Appreciate Time Abundance – Just Be
Connect to Nature
Be Active – Daily Movement – Functional Fitness
Adequate Sleep & Manage Body Maintenance
Encourage your Love of Learning
Get Crafty

These practices align with my retirement lifestyle vision statement and have a heavy focus on some of the thinking shifts I’m working on.

A surprise in my Tarot Reflection
I use Tarot card readings at various times of the year to help reflect on where I am and where I am heading. I did a 4-card pull with a new tarot deck (Light Seers Tarot) – one card each for Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. This (recommended to me) deck is less symbolic and more artistic, so I wasn’t sure where it would lead me; I like symbolism! It was absolutely fascinating. The card for Body literally said, “Get active”; the card for Soul said, “Create your own reality.” The card for Heart was about letting go of toxic/negative people, and the card for Mind was about listening to your intuition and awareness of your own beliefs. If this isn’t crazy synchronicity, I don’t know what is! It affirmed that my framework is right for me at this time!

This year, although I do miss the fun of using a WOTY, focusing on my lifestyle vision framework is definitely helping me live a retirement I’m enjoying!

Do you have a retirement lifestyle vision that’s working for you?

Picture Credit: Pixabay …. not a single photo taken by me this week!

18 thoughts on “Life Vision Update

  1. Seems you have adjusted well to the move and are enjoying this chapter of retirement. How interesting that the Tarot cards reinforced the areas of your good work. I have been away from blog writing and reading so have missed any pictures you may have shared of your wands. Would LOVE to see them!! I used to make wands with my students in the library when we learned about fairy tales.

    I hope to start enjoying breakfast on the patio. And it is warm enough to begin swimming without heating the pool first. Glad you have returned to beach yoga. I bet that is a treat for all the senses.


  2. I love your vision statement, Pat, and your positivity practices. You are so intentional, which really resonates with me. I plan to take the first month or so of my retirement to decompress and re-evaluate before I make any big plans. I appreciate the 30-day checklist you sent and am incorporating those items. Have fun with your new crafts. That’s an area I may experiment with in retirement. We’ll see. All doors are open right now!

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    1. Christie – I love your attitude about all doors being open. I have heard from some folks that sometimes there are too many options – which can lead to paralysis. My advice is to pick something and try it – recall my “what stuck” post – I tried a number of things that didn’t stick! Crafts might be something to try, or not. Your choice!


  3. Yay for doing creative things for the fun of it and the outcome being less important than the process. We are at one in this. I have had to let go of a lot of that “production” mentality since leaving my work as an educator. You are doing so well, and I especially enjoyed reading about watching the sun reflecting on the water. Sigh! Lovely vision. Thank you for joining in this Monday’s #LifesStories on Denyse Whelan Blogs. The community of bloggers here connects us wherever we are in the world. Looking forward to seeing you in two week’s time on Monday 23 May. Denyse.

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    1. Denyse, I’m glad you’re back with the link-up bi-weekly now. And yes, the crafting is fun and I’m really trying to focus on the process and not worry about the outcomes. It’s hard when things don’t turn out as I envision. And I’m struggling what to do with all the outputs!

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    2. I agree, Denyse. I’ve always said I’m not crafty, but I think that’s because the outcome often is not great. When I’m able to do something for the fun of it, with the focus on the doing, I actually enjoy it.

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  4. You sound like you are on the right track Pat, with all your activities and insights. Your framework does make sense and it’s like a focus for your year instead of a WOTY.

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    1. Deb – I’m having fun following everyone else’s WOTY and trying to not feel bad it’s not the right thing for me this year. I’m also loving my framework and how I can be intentional on living it.

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  5. Hi Pat, a lot of what you’re doing is what I do! I have a daily morning yoga/pilates routine happening that I love. I need to get back into walking (stopped cos it was too hot). I love catching up with friends IRL for coffee, lunch or brunch and I joined a social group with the art studio where I go. They meet monthly for coffee and sometimes have outings. I’ve dabbled in various creative pursuits but more recently it’s been art and I’m loving it. And I’m constantly digging deep trying to know and understand myself better. I’ve learnt a lot about me and about how our needs change as we get older and also how important self care is. It was lovely to read your post! Hope you have a wonderful week.


    1. I love when I learn someone else is constantly digging deep to know and understand themselves better! Some of my friends think I’m crazy doing this… but I enjoy the learning there as well as learning about crafting – a new thing to me. It’s always nice to know I’m not alone.


    1. Donna, it was kinda of a head-slap moment when I realized my Retirement Lifestyle Vision Statement was mind, body, heart, and soul. Felt a little slow on the uptake. LOL.


  6. Hi Pat – how lovely that you’ve added getting craft-y into your retirement mix. I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed doing my collaging – it engages a part of my brain that had never been stretched. Fortunately mine are in books and I haven’t had to give them out as gifts yet (YET!) I love how you have so many layers to your retirement and how intentional you’re being about it all.

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    1. Leanne, I discovered pretty early in retirement that I need structure and plans in place. Plans can be modified and I’m learning to have less expectation of how things will go… but I do need plans/structure. Now, I just put “craft time” on the calendar…and see how things go.


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