An Autumn Reset?

My original Autumn Action Plan (post link) was aligned to my current retirement lifestyle vision and recognized a long visit at our Florida beach cottage. It did not, however, recognize that we were going to buy a new home in Florida! That shift in direction (post link) has really created a mind-space traffic jam in my head.  

I don’t usually do a mid-season review of my Seasonal Action Plan, but I am feeling the need to re-evaluate, reset, and perhaps celebrate, where I am at the moment on my autumn plans.

  • Active:  I’m struggling to restart the strength training (and make it a habit) but I have incorporated listening to podcasts the few times I have done it! I did lots of yoga and biking in Florida (yeah!), but since back in the Ohio’s cool weather, my FitBit is crying from lack of use (meaning very few steps!). I am missing my regular walk & talks (2 of 3 friends I did these with are now working full-time) and missed doing a fall color hike (colors were here & gone fast). But I just booked into trying Orange-Theory for a month. Net, I feel like I am putting a plan into place to try and re-set being active, but also worrying will it be enough to meet my “be active” lifestyle intent?


  • Connected: Making & executing plans in both places (OH & FL) continued to be a focus, but I am starting to pull back a little as I’m feeling overwhelmed with things to do. My Fun And/or New Things tracking (yearly goal setting) shows:
    • Had a few girlfriend “dates” – wine tastings, going for a pedicure, afternoon shopping, taking a cooking class.
    • Did multiple date nights with hubby – Dali Museum & dinner, multiple theater shows, an art walk night in St Pete
    • Had fun activities (some combined with new restaurants) – shuffleboard in Florida, couples dinner & theater, foodie-friends dinner

I have a number of things already planned for November (including 2 weekends away), and I’m thinking I might allow December to be a quiet month, meaning no more planning. Can I prevent myself from planning connections (and feel OK with that) to allow time for some of the pre-moving activities?


  • Creative: My biggest area of creativity is my writing. While I continue to do blog writing, my book promotion plans do not feel like creativity. Recent book promotional stuff includes:
    • Presented a seminar on my book that seemed to be well accepted, but it only sold 10 copies of my book. (Making only $5 a copy, that is not a lucrative time investment.)
    • I’ve engaged in (& paid for) another promotional activity. This new promotional activity is taking up a lot of time because of my learning curve.

Unfortunately my book cost outlay continues to be significantly ahead of income. So not only is it beginning to feel like non-creative time, it’s starting to feel like I’m just loosing money. When do I call it “done”?

I’ve dropped the fashion creative activity (ala Stitch-fix or something similar) because I do not need any more northern winter clothes. I did enjoy a painting night with my Florida ladies group. But, being creative on a regular basis continues to challenge me.


  • Contemplative:  I will still read 2 more inspirational books (I have 5 sitting on the shelf ready to read!) and will summarize my contemplation of them. I’m not sure how much of my summarizing of the latest book reading in this space will provide blog-fodder as it’s getting real personal – more so than I’ve been in the past.

Also, I am still trying to decide what to do with my grant-writing learning – i.e. do I get involved with a non-profit or not.   The future move is certainly weighing heavy on this specific thinking as well – starting a non-profit relationship in Ohio knowing it’ll only be short term feels like wasted effort. Or is it just another excuse for non-volunteering? Like creativity, volunteer work continues to elude me!


And now I have the question – Where do all the things-to-do-to-manage-the-move fit into my (current) lifestyle vision? Because that is taking a lot of mind-space and actual time spent.

Not a complete Autumn Plan reset, but it’s good to think through how our big new “project” fits into my daily retirement life and not just pile it on!  Do you take time to reset plans when a big new “project” comes into your life?


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28 thoughts on “An Autumn Reset?

  1. Hi Pat, I think that using each Season to reset life is a great idea. It is every 3 months and that gives us an opportunity to try new things and then decide what we want to keep pursuing or what we need to change. It really is finding what makes you happy and I’m learning that sometimes that means letting go of certain things in life maybe not forever but for the moment. Thanks for sharing at #MLSTL x

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  2. Hello Pat. I’m glad to hear you’ve allowed yourself to hit reset on your autumn plans, but as several others have mentioned, you may want to relax your plans even a little more. Of course, I get that life is always coming at us, and you don’t want to completely throw everything out the window every time a new challenge or project comes up. But moving is big and deserves some space of its own. I hope you enjoy Orangetheory as much as I do. I feel energized and less stressed after a good session, and I’ve made some friends–well, so far they’re only friends in the gym, but it’s nice to have someone greet you warmly and “complain” about how hard we’re working. 🙂 As far as creativity, I suspect setting up your new home will be filled with opportunities for creativity. We just spent a full day with the builders of our new house, choosing colors and layouts. My head was spinning, but it was definitely a creative pursuit. When it comes time to furnish, there will be more creativity, including how to make it look nice without breaking the budget. Take good care of yourself my friend! #MLSTL


  3. It’s hard to find balance Pat and you obviously have a lot going on that you want to achieve. That’s good but can also be problematic. I’m quite relaxed and get distracted by new projects all the time. I just try to include things I want to do and take changes in my stride. All the best with your reset!! #mlstl

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  4. Hi Pat,
    You have tons on your plate with the FL move and the logistics that go with that…
    And, if you need a girlfriend date when you get to FL for real we can make that happen somehow…

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    1. We will definitely need to plan a meet-up once I have a car in Florida These days we are still just one car and it’s hubby’s huge truck which I just don’t drive. I know I can, but it is so damn big…I am terrified I’ll hit something.

      This winter our plan is to move one FL house to the other and sell the smaller one. Then it’s decide what from Ohio can be moved down….hubby won’t engage in that conversation yet, so I am just allowing that to not be a worry.

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  5. I’m feeling a bit out of whack these days and it’s challenging not to let it get to me. My blogging has been hit the hardest, both writing and reading. Just when I think I’m getting back on track, there’s a curveball thrown my way. But something has to give and that seems to be it. I understand the “too personal” aspect of some topics. I can’t always use my blog for therapy these days because of that.

    Moving has always thrown me off. I can’t seem to focus on anything else. So I agree with the others who say you should postpone your goals, focus on the move and give yourself permission to relax. The holidays are always a good excuse to take it easy and go with the flow. I’m trying to get better at that myself!! 😉

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    1. I’ve slipped on posting and have definitely backed off on reading and commenting on blogs. And feel a bit guilty about it. But, I do think folks now know I’m stressed about this shift in direction. I am giving myself the leeway to slide a bit. No Christmas decorations planned this year, no holiday dinner/party at our house. And I’m not rushing the move thinking…. I’m focusing on one step at a time.


  6. Pat I think you’re your own worst enemy when it comes to stuff like this. You have a huge move looming over you – one that you’re still coming to terms with (I think??) and you’re beating yourself up over not ticking all the boxes you set for yourself prior to deciding on the move.

    I wouldn’t be doing a reset, I’d be setting fire to the list, and going with the flow for the next few months until you’re more settled with your plans. That just might be me and my Unbusy mentality, but personally, I’m choosing to be kinder to myself these days and not setting goals that are likely to cause me undue stress. I’m also changing where I volunteer next year because it’s lost it’s joy and if I’m investing my time I want it to be in something that fills my tank so I have something to pour back.

    Despite all that, I think you’re still doing amazing stuff – but just remember to be kind to yourself, have fewer expectations, and take a gentle approach to the next few months (that’s just my piece of advice – throw it on the bonfire instead of your list if you think it was all rubbish 🤣) xx
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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    1. Leanne, I am literally laughing. Of course I’m my own worst enemy – I always am! It’s why I look to my buddies to bring me back to reality. But Burn my List, Go with the Flow… heart attack moment! Seriously, this was my way of giving myself leeway, space to come to terms with it all (I am still doing that – you are right). I have reduced my expectations and even have said to a few friends, “I’m not dealing with that right now. it’s step 4 in the whole move thing”. That is not a usual response for the planning me!


  7. We had a sort of reset in our hot tub on Saturday night. With PC’s job on the line and both of us struggling to find employment to make the difference when his salary goes away, we had to come up with a plan. And we did so. Without drawing blood or tears! I feel so much better. So, yes, we have had to reset but now that we have a direction, I feel so much better.

    Thank you for sharing your progress, the shift in your thinking to reflect your upcoming move. My PC would say I am a borderline hoarder. And I do have my share of stuff but would take exception to the word hoarding. By the time we have to downsize, which could be coming sooner than later, I hope I will be ready to part with some of my things. #MLSTL

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    1. Glad to hear you’ve got a path forward. I know how important one is needed for a planner. I can modify the plan, but I definitely need something to start moving forward!

      Hubby won’t admit he’s a hoarder either, but he is! 🙂


  8. I definitely do a reset if something big comes up, Pat. Otherwise I would just be making myself crazy with the excessive demands on my time. I had to live that way for years and, 2 mini strokes later, all I can say is NEVER AGAIN!


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  9. Hi Pat,

    My experience of relocating has been to start as early as possible with the prep. My circumstances are possibly different in that I downsized twice, and that meant winnowing out the chaff from my goods and chattels.

    You may not be physically downsizing, but perhaps it’s another opportunity to let go of stuff that no longer fits current interests and lifestyle?

    All of that takes longer than you think. But I did it an hour a day over several weeks, and had a charity shop bag on the go. Doing it gradually meant that I didn’t get overwhelmed, and nor did the garbage and recycling bins. I could also keep up with social contacts.

    The thinning out meant I didn’t move anything which wasn’t needed or wanted, and reduced the removal costs too. I was left with the essence of what I love in life. It’s a good feeling!

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    1. Thanks for the insight! This will be our second downsize. Unfortunately hubby is a hoarder and the first one did not force him to get rid of as much as I would have liked. I gave him an office space (my mistake?) that is literally packed wall to wall and to the ceiling with shelves of boxes. I keep telling him to get rid of things so we don’t need to (pay to) move them. We shall see.

      I’ve started my own list of things to get rid of and have 2 bags to go to the charity shop already. I need to be “harsh” – bakeware, extra linens, books. And winter clothing… hard to get rid of when it’s freezing here right now though!


  10. I feel like you should cut yourself some slack here –a couple of months less fitness, creativity and volunteer committment isn’t going to make or break your long term goals. You’ve got a lot going on with the move — giving yourself a few weeks quieter time with less planned is probably necessary for your mental space. Just my thoughts.

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    1. Bernie, I agree with you but it’s so hard to give myself that slack. I was chatting with a friend today and she also said to focus on the move and enjoy the process of it. If I hear it from enough people, maybe it will sink in!


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