Summer Summary & Autumn Action Plan

Sometimes in this retirement life, I feel like I need to start with an “AA” like statement, “Hi, my name is Pat and I’m a planner”.   I’ve learned that I need written plans – weekly schedules and daily to-do’s.  Seasonal action plans also fit this need.  When I have plans in place I feel a sense of calmness.  Not everything comes to fruition or things get added/changed and that’s OK. I still need a starting plan.

My life vision for my retirement lifestyle continues to be:

Active. Connected. Creative. Contemplative.

Summer Summary – My summer list followed that vision statement format and here’s a summary of how that worked:

  • Active – The good: Executed Out & About Mini-adventures and tracked them with my 101 New Things list. My favorites were the Burning Man exhibit at the Art Museum, attending both a Reds game and an FCC soccer game, and getting out once to SUP. The not so good: I did not plan the Mammoth Cave visit. (It’s been on my summer list now for three years!) And Movement (almost) every day including making strength training a habit went to the sideline as I dealt with a 6-week restricted-movement surgery recovery. I did keep my mind active through that time as I read over 30 books this summer – some inspirational and many just for fun.
  • Connected – This was a big win. Time with Friends included an outdoors dinner on our deck, porch time wine, lots of lunches & dinners, and even some fun activities with friends. I was so excited to have my first ever blogging buddy meet-up! We also met up with my family twice – once a quick visit as my mom was dealing with her own recovery (back issue) and once to celebrate my newly adopted great-nieces. Blogging also continued as I did a number of super fun (for me) posts – here are links:  5-year A to Z, Un-busy, and a blog look back.
  • Creative – This area continues to be a challenge, but I did take two classes in Grant Writing, continued Wire Crafting, and went to a series of creative classes – cooking, silk-screening, and hand-lettering. Oh, and I need to keep in mind hat blog writing is creative, too!
  • Contemplative – I do continue to Explore Spirituality (blog link) with another meditation series, spending time outdoors, and reading & summarizing inspirational books, although I did not explore new church (which has also been on my to-do list for a long time).


I think my Autumn Action Plan will follow the same format – broad categories with some specific to-do items. This fall also includes a long visit at our Florida beach cottage, so there are Ohio and Florida activities to consider!

  • Active: Restart strength training and make it a habit (work in listening to podcasts while doing it!); Lots of yoga and biking in Florida; Try Orange-Theory when back in OH in October; More healthy cooking in FL with regular visits to the seafood market; Plan a fall hike (leaf color).
  • Connected: Re-establish Florida connections; Make & execute plans in both places – dinners, wine tasting, walks & talks, shuffleboard (FL), museum visits (FL), pedicure (FL), Cyclones game (OH), corn maze (OH), bonfire & s’mores (OH).
  • Creative: Continue blog writing; Continue book promotion plan execution (seminar in late October; another round of emails); Do something crafty in Florida; Plan Stitch-fix or Trunk Co or eShakti; Pull out the origami kit!
  • Contemplative: Read and summarize 2 more inspirational books (order KH set); Decide about continuing grant writing or not (is this a fear-based reaction to a potentially life-changing opportunity?); Continue contemplation of The Heroine’s Journey

I like having my action plans linked to my retirement lifestyle vision statement.  And putting it “out there” in the blog-o-sphere gives me a feeling of accountability!  Yes, “My name is Pat and I’m a planner.”


Picture Credit: Canva  (Sigh – still working on how to create one that fits my WordPress header size better!)

26 thoughts on “Summer Summary & Autumn Action Plan

  1. Hi Pat, I’m glad you are owning this planning personality. At our age we deserve to work in whatever way suits us the most. I also plan, because it keeps me from being a sloth! I like your overall categories. Mine are similar, work, social, family and self. I don’t always accomplish everything either, but it keeps me moving in a positive direction!

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    1. Michele, It’s taken me a bit to own my planning personality, although sometimes I think I am apologizing for it! I’ve had folks who seemed to indicate that retirement should be all about spontaneity and no structure. Notice I said “seemed to indicate”… as I’m starting to think I perceive expectations when they are not really there. Or maybe they were external expectations that I’m starting to ignore? But realizing I am a structure-girl, a list maker, and a planner … and being OK with it has been freeing.

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  2. I have the same issue with my featured images. I create a Pinterest graphic in Canva that looks great on my page and Pinterest but not so great in other places, like WordPress Reader. Not sure what to do so let me know if you figure it out!!!

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  3. You’re soooo organized! I don’t have a Spring plan (other end of the planet here) other than to enjoy the sunshine and warmer walks and to kick back and continue not being immersed in the festering mess of my old job! I’m not sure if I’ll need a plan down the track when the novelty wears off, but for now I’m just going with the flow.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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    1. Leanne, Some people don’t need plans. My hubby is one. He rolls his eyes at my lists and plans! But they calm me… and give me a sense of accomplishment when I can say … I did most of it. You know, enjoying the sunshine and warm walks sounds like a plan to me. 🙂


  4. For me, it’s the first time that fall came without any notice of leaves changing or cooler air. Although, I did notice a break in the humidity. We actually turned off the air conditioning (just one day) and opened the doors to the screened-in porch. So nice to get some fresh air into the apartment…that one afternoon.

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    1. Jennifer, As we are in Florida for the first day of fall, there’s not even a nip in the air. Hubby just told me at home (Ohio) it will be in the 90’s this weekend… so even there, I think fall is not looking at the calendar! But eventually I do think we’ll be in sweaters and seeing fall colors!


  5. LOL Pat, and I’m a planner, too…haha
    Goals are good, and unexpected derailments (like your restricted activity time) are to be expected! Your autumn goals sound attainable and I look forward to learning how you do with them.
    We have one more month until we head south as well. Looking forward to it, but glad to be here during leaf-peeping this year.

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    1. Nancy, We head back north in October and I am hoping we get some nice leaf-looking in the NC mountains. And a fall hike when we get back to OH. I love fall hikes! And I’ve learned, if I don’t hit all my Autumn plans, that’s OK too. But I do like having a plan!

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  6. My name is Jo and I plan to be spontaneous. Seriously though, some habits stick with us – and given the goals you kicked over the summer I’d say your plan worked. Looking forward to some fall leaves pics (hello, creativity)…and more blogs.

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    1. Jo, I wrote a while back about “planned spontaneity”! I also do plan no-plan days! I’ve also learned to be OK with plans that need shifting…for something spontaneous perhaps! I WILL take some fall color pictures… I WILL!

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  7. Hello Pat the Planner, I am Leslie the Planner but that doesn’t have the same lovely alliteration. How about Leslie the List Maker. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    Blog writing is a creative outlet. And attending the classes you did are ways of expressing and developing your creativity. I hope you will pull out the Origami kit. I tried to make an Origami crane this summer and it was barely recognizable. Inspire me with your creations.

    Hope you will give Stitch Fix a go. And if you want to link up together for a Stitch Fix reveal, let me know. I have a box coming soon!!

    Please, Pat, would you link up with me here and share your autumn action plan?

    Thank you!!

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  8. Hello Pat. My name is Christie and I’m a planner too. I’ve spent some time the past two years trying to balance that planning gene with mindfulness. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love and nurture the planner in me. 🙂 I’m glad to see that you were flexible with summer’s list, adapting to your changing situation. I love your fall list and am looking forward to your updates. Happy fall!

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    1. Christie – I don’t think the planner in me needs any nurturing…she’s fully able to plan away. But acknowledging & accepting her is what I need.. especially in a retirement world that (I feel) tends to value spontaneity more than planning.


    1. Tracy – LOL… you’re starting a thing with the “I’m a planner” back at me. However, once in a while, I do like a day with nothing planned…to sit and read and not worry about accomplishing anything. But yeah, I plan those days to happen!


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