Throwback Thursday – Reflect

Part 2 of my Throwback Thursday series, linking back to some of the core Retirement Transition How-to’s, looks at REFLECT, the first phase of the Retirement Transition process (detailed in my book – link here).  I returned to this phase multiple times during my retirement years, as I desired to learn more about my authentic self. 

The Reflect phase of my Retirement Transition Process is deep introspection on who you are (values, strengths) and who you want to be (interested, lifestyle) so you can decide what stays, what goes, what’s added to life so you can live and love the new retirement life you are creating.  In this phase you work through reflecting on 7 Domains of Life and end with a retirement lifestyle “vision”.  As Socrates said, “Know Thyself”.

Here are some throwback posts on self-discovery tools, vision statements, and the 7 Domains of Life Model (Location/Lifestyle, Relationships/Connections, Personal Development, Health/Wellbeing, Work/Career, Hobby/Leisure, Finances/Prosperity.)

Have you done self-discovery and crafted your own retirement lifestyle vision statement?

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Reflect

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying these Throwback posts. If there’s something I don’t cover, please do ask me and I’ll link you to that specific post…. I’ve been writing on this topic for years! Of I’ll help you find the answer… I’ve read on the topic for years as well.

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