Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – Become a Joy Multiplier

For those who read me regularly, you are aware that I’ve been fascinated with the area of Positive Psychology.  I recently completed another psychology class via Coursera – the fourth in a series; this one on Resilience (link here).   Resilience in this course was defined as the ability to bounce back from negative emotional experiences/adversity … Continue reading Putting Positive Psychology into Practice – Become a Joy Multiplier

The Courage to Accept

Ideas around Acceptance have been popping up lately and this blog post explores some of the thinking I’ve been doing on Acceptance. Recent Enneagram reading discussed 5 A’s: Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, Action, and Adherence.  Awareness has been a focus for me for a while now.  Awareness of my critical inner voice reiterating my self-limiting beliefs, … Continue reading The Courage to Accept

Shifting to Positive Self-Talk

As part of my ongoing personal development, I regularly listen to the free Chopra Meditation Series (link). Last month, that coincided with my personal work on RELEASE (my WOTY - previous blog link) and reading a book on Journaling the Chakras (link). What a whirlwind of ideas!   This blog post is the one of two … Continue reading Shifting to Positive Self-Talk