Self-Discovery Tools Review

I’ve been delving into some new areas as part of learning and contemplation.  This time it was archetypes based on goddess mythology and the feminine equivalent to the Hero’s Journey. I will probably continue down this rabbit hole with more feminine-focused non-fiction literature reads as I am finding it fascinating.  But this new exploration made … Continue reading Self-Discovery Tools Review

Throwback Thursday – Reflect

Part 2 of my Throwback Thursday series, linking back to some of the core Retirement Transition How-to’s, looks at REFLECT, the first phase of the Retirement Transition process (detailed in my book – link here).  I returned to this phase multiple times during my retirement years, as I desired to learn more about my authentic … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Reflect

Enneagram as a Self-discovery Tool

As I mentioned in a past blog post (link here to rabbit hole or flow), I’ve been exploring Enneagram. I’m definitely thinking it’s a rabbit hole, as I have explored multiple sites, listened into a full week of seminars on the topic, and done hours of information synthesis.  Every time I delve in, hours disappear! … Continue reading Enneagram as a Self-discovery Tool

Spirituality Reading – Notes on Wise Woman’s Way – Part 2

This is part 2 of my personal notes (see part one link here) which capture some of the ideas in Wise Woman’s Way by Berta Parrish for self-discovery, understanding your belief systems, and creating your own life symbolism. Parrish explores both myths and folk tales to allow you to challenge your belief systems as well … Continue reading Spirituality Reading – Notes on Wise Woman’s Way – Part 2

Activation Energy – A Personal Pep Talk

Part of my word-of-the-year includes the concept of activating. To SOAR, you need to take that first step, that leap of faith, that jump into the unknown.   I am finding it hard to activate some long-held to-do activities. This blog is a personal pep talk on discovering why I can't take that first step, and … Continue reading Activation Energy – A Personal Pep Talk

Neuroscience – the study of brain circuitry to understand personality

At a recent conference I attended, the topic of neuroscience and its relationship to personality was presented.   This is a quick snapshot of the topic – mostly because I think it’s another example of understanding yourself better, and also understanding those whom you regularly interface with better. Better understanding myself allows me to understand what … Continue reading Neuroscience – the study of brain circuitry to understand personality

Thinking Strengths & Personality

As part of my training for becoming a Retirement Life Coach, I was exposed to some interesting theory on how we think and act, which then evolved into the hypothesis that we have innate strengths at each stage of the thinking/acting process.   Here’s a short synopsis of personality functions through the thinking/acting process from the … Continue reading Thinking Strengths & Personality