Throwback Thursday – REFINE everything

The last phase of the Retirement Transition process (detailed in my book – link here) is REFINE.

My Retirement Transition Process – based on Innovation Design Thinking

For me, the Retirement Transition process has been an ongoing process. Life is a series of transitions, and retirement life is no different!  The Refine Phase is a balance of “keep going” with things that are working for you and renewing, refreshing, or revising your life vision and/or your plans as needed. There can be major impacts on retirement life, but many minor ones as well. A satisfying retirement life is not stagnant! I have found that on key milestones (example, the new year or the anniversary of my retirement) I will ask myself: “What’s worked, what’s not worked, what has life thrown at me lately?”

Here are a few throwback posts on refining vision statements, updating possibilities lists, and adding new activities:

As I learn more about my authentic self (personal development with things like Self-Limiting Belief Exploration, Enneagram, or Human Design), I continue to REFINE my retirement lifestyle vision (checking to make sure it still feels valid) and my plans. Learning about Positive Psychology impacted my daily habits approach.  As with many, the pandemic had a big impact on my daily living. Our latest Big Move was also a key milestone that caused me to work on shifting some on my daily, weekly, and monthly habits. And yes, my body/health changes as I age are also being taken into account.

Do you have retirement life changes that are causing you to REFINE your retirement lifestyle vision and plans?

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – REFINE everything

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs. To me, it feels a very structured, project oriented approach to retirement. I like how you make sure you don’t waste your healthy years. It’s sad when someone reflects on where the years went because they always thought there would be “tomorrow”. I appreciate giving yourself permission to change as “life happens”.

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    1. I chuckled at the “structured, project oriented”. Yup, that is me! I had to admit it was not just the work-me, but the authentic-me! I still sometimes think “someday I will”, so my blog allows me to have some accountability on things.

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