An Update on the Big Move

It’s been almost 4 months since we made the Big Move – a big transition for our retirement. A whole season (summer here) has passed by.  I thought it might be interesting to see where I am on all the things needed in a big transition like this one.  I’m doing this review as combination of sharing for others to see what’s entailed and for me to get a feeling of accomplishment!

On the plus side, there was checking off many of the “adult-ing” boxes necessary in a cross-state move.

  • FL license & registrations, which required new insurance policies.  Doesn’t sound too bad until I mention hubby’s toys (4 motorcycles, a scooter and a pick-up truck) that all made the move with us.  It was only 4 calls with the insurance company, 2 trips to the DMV, and one very patient & positive individual who worked through all the glitches on our second trip to the DMV. 
  • Setting up all the appointments on the “ist” list (you know, internist, dentist, dermatologist, oncologist, etc.).   Some are done; some are still ahead.
  • Updating our wills/POAs/health care directives. I never knew they were based on state laws!
  • The final panic of, “Did I get all the address changes? What other bills did I miss?’  Because I did miss a couple of bills – the Internet supplier which on cancelling the account, took it off auto-pay and sent final bill to old address, where it was delivered and new owner did not forward. The same happened with final water bill – sent and delivered to old address. Gotta love (not) the USPS. 
  • The creation of an evacuation plan, because we live on a barrier island on the coast of Florida and hurricanes. 

I did do multiple nursery explorations (they are always outdoors, so COVID-friendly), planted a number of new plants, cooked some new recipes using fresh herbs, new spices, & fresh peaches (I’m only abut 15% do-again on new recipes though), intentionally connected with my far-away friends, had the kitchen refresh completed (instead of waiting years as in our previous home), and completed 90% of the unpacking on my side of things including artwork hanging. (Hubby is closer to 60% unpacked and I’ve stopped nagging him about it more than once a week.) The header picture is the new snake plants a neighbor was kind enough to share with me.

What didn’t happen – due mostly to Red Tide and COVID Resurge, but also some inertia on my part and not realizing the heat of summer would be as oppressive as it was.

  • Dinner gatherings to find foodie couples – either at home or at new restaurants. Patio gatherings in general have not been activated, although I’ve had a couple of girlfriends over solo.
  • Local art walks, festivals, or new club meetings.
  • Getting up on SUP or out on the kayak.  No idea why this hasn’t happened!
  • Beach yoga.  First it was COVID, then Red Tide, and again COVID.  It is just not conducive to being in a group setting on the beach!  I’ve maintained my at-home practice though and it has been helpful – both mentally and physically.
  • Crafting.  Another one of no idea why this has not happened – I have many ideas and all the stuff to do them.

Most of those things that did-not-happen are not really move related, but are part of my retirement lifestyle vision.  I wanted to “start as I meant to continue” with living here.  Moving into fall, I am very hesitant to make any big out & about or gathering plans, with our area having a huge COVID spike (and no end in sight to it given Florida policies and attitudes).  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be thinking about a realistic fall activity plan.  And maybe I can kick-start that SUP paddling or crafting!

What are you thinking about for your fall plans?

14 thoughts on “An Update on the Big Move

  1. Gosh moving is exhausting isn’t it? Add Covid and a state line and I can’t even imagine. Then to leave friends behind. Good that you are getting all the details under control.
    As to fall here – it’s my chance to get creative inside my attic space. I’ve started a quilt, have some other creative endeavours in the works. Have our last travel album to get finished. Time to read a bit more. Cook winter meals and hygge into my winter cocoon.

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    1. I chuckled with your fall activities and the idea of a winter cocoon. This will be a very different winter for me – not any extended time up north is planned! I am still in shorts and flip flops. Kinda looking forward to some cooler temps… which have not arrived in Florida yet!


      1. I love having four seasons and how the ebb and flow of activities changes. It suits me. I had on shorts and sandals last week as it was 16 (hm… 60 ish) last weekend but this weekend it has been windy as _ _ l l and cold. Not much of the rain we desperately need though.

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  2. Exhausting. First all of the packing etc., then the physical move, then all of this change of address and updating bologna. Ugh. I tried over and over to put in an change of address for my mom when we last moved her a year ago. The USPS wouldn’t let us change her address online because they thought we were trying to change the address of a business (her retirement home) rather than the address of a resident in the home. Anyway, we tried filling out those stupid change of address cards and they didn’t ‘take’. It took us months to get things straight.

    We are updating our wills and filling out DNRs and medical powers of attorney…finally. I have been after PC to do that for a long time. We have a will but needed to update it. Not something anyone enjoys doing but necessary.

    Glad you have been able to meet some new friends. I don’t know when life is ever going to get back to normal. So exhausted with this virus. Have been promising the kids a date night for 18 months. They are very reluctantly taking me up on it Friday but they have been too scared to go anywhere they don’t absolutely have to.


  3. It’s sounds like you are well on your way to getting settled, Pat. Yoga on the beach sounds lovely. Hopefully, it can happen in the not-to-distant future. Happy fall to you!

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  4. Four motorcycles! Now, that’s some serious collecting. 🙂 Isn’t insurance just the biggest pain? I’m just being nosy here, but are you paying a lot more than you did in Ohio for the same number of vehicles? I’m always told FL insurance rates are the highest in the nation, but I’ve never been completely sure about that. – Marty

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    1. Marty – yes, insurance went up. We had to add in an “uninsured motorist” aspect, which was almost a full car payment in itself. And everything switched from yearly payments to 6-month payments, but it feels like we’re paying the same for 6 months that we paid for a year in Ohio! So not sure it’s highest in nation, but definitely higher than Ohio. I can only say, at least I’m down to one set of taxes, one set of house bills (electric/water/internet/garbage)… so in the scheme of things, it’s better!

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  5. It sounds like you have done quite well, given the struggles of moving, along with red tide and Covid! Hopefully, with cooler weather will come calmer situations and you will be able to move about your new home area more comfortably. If not, at least you will have a stunning view and hopefully gorgeous weather to enjoy from your backyard.
    I think everyone goes through the “what the hell was I thinking” process right after they move. At least I know I have been going through it with our new place and I didn’t change states. We’ve been here about 10 months and I am just now getting past that feeling. Just a little, but getting past it.
    I love hearing how you are doing. And I love that you keep it real and don’t sugar coat that moving to Florida for retirement was the most amazing thing you could have done. But I think you will be saying that come cool weather and beautiful sand and water while we are dealing with snow and sleet and slush!

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    1. Tim repeatedly said “At least it’s not snowing” when it was heat indexing 105+ outside! But yeah, I do think we’ll appreciate it this winter a lot. And maybe things will start to open up a bit… it feels like even Floridans might be starting to get vaxxed a bit more!


  6. Hi Pat – interesting that you call those plants “snake plants” in Australia we call them mother-in-law tongue plants. The name always makes me smile. Glad you’re settling in well, and I think that next Summer you’ll be ticking a lot of those unticked boxes. Just getting yourself sorted and all the moving requirements done is a big achievement. The cooler days of Autumn will also inspire you I’m sure x

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    1. They are called mother-in-law tongue here as well. We tend to have 2-3 names for many plants in the United States! I like the term snake plant better, but others do prefer calling them MIL tongue.

      I am looking forward to cooler days… we’ve already seen a drop of 10 degrees, which is lovely.


  7. Just had first bone density scan and guess who has osteoporosis! Surprise to doc and me. Oh well. So fall means start of doing weight training 3X a week. Trying to get hubby to serve broccoli at least 2X per week, spinach in salad mix, etc. Get back to daily walks now that fall is here and weather is conducive (with leg weights). Continue WW – Blue plan to see if weight continues to fall (lost 10 lbs so far in summer) or stablizes.

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    1. I’m dealing with osteopenia myself. Mine is drug induced (post cancer), and I’m not nearly as good as you with the diet! I did add calcium to my supplements, but only do strength training 2-3 times a week. I’ve never been good with regular exercise (sigh). I’m hoping to boost walking this fall myself – less heat, less Red Tide. So, spinach and broccoli, huh? Maybe I can do that!

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