(Almost) Midyear Update on 21 for 21

Way back in December of 2020, I created a “21 for 21” list (blog link here).  Not really a bucket list, but more a focused list of what I wanted my life to look like, inclusive of what I was going to track.  I contemplated lots of tracking and decided to focus on New Experiences, New Recipes tried, and Books Read.  My 21-for-21 built on implementing Practicing Positive Psychology tools that I studied extensively during the pandemic, including activating my signature strengths. There was also aspects on taking the time to savor things (slowing down, not just always doing – although “be active” is an aspect, too) and acknowledging what was needed for the Big Move.

The pandemic continuance in the first half of this year and execution of the Big Move have impacted all three of my tracking lists.  As in 2020, the New Experiences list is way behind my goal of 101 for the year with only 20 items YTD.  Books read took a downturn in April and May as time was spent on packing and unpacking, so only 40 books on that list, with most from early in the year.  I switched to a cooking freezer/pantry clean-out mode, which limited the new recipes exploration. That approach to dinners did make for some interesting meals. I’m still in search of a good brown stir fry sauce though, but wonder how many of those attempts are really new recipes!

My “be active” activities need a reboot right now.  Once again, packing and unpacking has taken a toll as I feel I have limited time and energy for regular yoga.  I did do a number of final walks with friends before we left Cincinnati and plan to start a weekly beach walk, a monthly neighborhood-walk-around in my Tourist in Own Town plan, and a monthly walk & talk with a Cincinnati friend.  And I definitely need to restart my regular yoga practice!  My body is feeling the lack of good stretching.

It‘s been helpful to look back on this “21 for 21” list as I begin putting together a Summer Plan and switch from unpacking mode to living.   Some things to include are: learning about Florida plants, start a Tourist in Own Town calendar, get on the SUP (a face-my-fear activity), and work out details of my Intentional Connection plan.   And continue to “celebrate the wins”, even if it’s just combining, organizing, and reducing all the paper files as I unpack!

What are you thinking for your Summer Plans?

Picture credit: Me – June 1st sunset.

17 thoughts on “(Almost) Midyear Update on 21 for 21

  1. I hope the move has gone well. I know these are very early days yet. I am also glad you can enjoy the season of warmth too….

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. It’s a great community that I enjoy hosting and your posts help make this so! Next week the optional prompt is 24/51 Nourish. 14 June. See you then I hope. Denyse

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    1. Denyse, I really like your link up and have gone into check it out even when I didn’t post my own. This past couple of weeks were a bit crazy and I’ve missed blogging – writing, reading, commenting. I’ve drafted my next blog, and while I don’t specifically talk about Nourish, I’ve just realized its all about “nourishing my soul”… my summer plans are about creating the lifestyle here, in our new location, that matches my vision. That is certainly nourishing my soul “work”!

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      1. Good to know Pat! See you back whenever you have a post…and it doesn’t need to be on prompt!


  2. With so many things opening up again, and all of us tentatively venturing out more and more, I think your move was perfectly timed. With getting settled in a new home, one has no choice but to establish new routines. Enjoy it all as you do it.

    We are wrapping our heads around a possible road trip up to Michigan to see family next month. We’ve had this same discussion for about eight weeks now, but I think we might actually be starting to coalesce around a decision! – Marty

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    1. Marty, It does feel a bit odd that the move linked up with the opening up of things. I’m happy about it, but it’s been months since I planned going out and about!

      It still feels a bit weird to not wear a mask (I’m fully vaccinated), but I carry one and will be happy to wear it if requested. Some places are still asking for it and I am OK with that. Not sure if Florida is having less restrictions on it or it’s just the whole country easing up. But Michigan is glorious in the summer, so hope you have wonderful trip (if you coalesce on going).

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  3. Oh my goodness, moving is so exhausting! But it sounds you’re at the end of the unpacking stage, which is a good thing. Slowing down, be active and experience new things sounds like a perfect way of creating more quality of life! Hope you’ll have a fabulous summer.
    Here the country is slowly reopening, I’ve received the first Covid vaccine and in 3 weeks I’ll have the second, so the summer has good potential! I also have some nice garden plans.


    1. Suzanne, Being vaccinated gives a sense of freedom, doesn’t it!

      I’m really trying to be content with the being in the moment, the daily living aspects of creating a new lifestyle…and not focusing on some big (new) accomplishment. Getting the move done (it’s not there yet) will be the bog accomplishment of the year I think!


  4. Sounds like the move is finally in the last stages or maybe even complete! Yay! Rebooting seems like a great idea. Given the pandemic took the early spring and the move took everything else, a reboot, cutting yourself some slack for the things that aren’t as far as you might seems pretty perfect. I, too, have “rebooted” a bit. I am back at Orangetheory three times a week and dance competitions are in the horizon! And I’m think I’m going to steal the Tourist in My Own Town! They held Summerfair and we went yesterday. It was great!! We also visited the Krohn Conservatory and the butterfly exhibit. It, too, was great!

    You’re going to love Florida and the life there. And I know you will make a fabulous life! Go get ’em, girl!

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    1. Candyse, I love SummerFair! I think Tim & I went every year since we’ve been together…and we were in town. Sad to miss it… but hoping to get to a similar event here later this month. There’s lots in Cincy for Tourist in Own Town… let me know if you need ideas. (Of course I have a list about that, somewhere.) I’m excited to hear you’re back at OTF and (IRL) dancing competitions are coming… you’ll feel more yourself again!


  5. Pat, it is good to see you turning the corner from an all-consuming move to participating in life again. I am a huge proponent of goal setting and believe that is the best way to focus attention where it is needed most. Love your ‘Be a Tourist in your own town’ plan. I’ll be over on your side of the state in two weeks (being a tourist) at Boca Grande for the weekend. You should check it out sometime.

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    1. Suzanne, I’m mentally struggling with traveling (overnight) anywhere right now, so I’ll be looking at day trips only. Since that encompasses Tampa, St Petersburg, and even Sarasota, I’ve got lots to play with. In another few months, I might feel more grounded and think about venturing further…cause there is a lot to explore!


    1. Jennifer, Thanks so much. I don’t feel amazing, but it’s very nice to hear. This shift into living a new lifestyle will be the focus of plans (and execution of plans) now….and hopefully you’ll be amazed with that shift, also (at some point in the future).


  6. I think having achieved the number of things you have is impressive given the move and unpacking. Big life changes can have so many impacts. I like that you have goals though and hope they give you a sense of purpose and you’re gentle with yourself in pursuing them.

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    1. Deborah, You are correct – I do look to these goals to give myself a sense of purpose (something I find challenging). Now, to be gentle with myself in the pursuit of them…another challenge! Trying that as well – isn’t trying more than half the battle?

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  7. Hi Pat – I think you needed to change your focus for a while to get through the big move. Rebooting your 21 for 21 plan is a sign that you’re coming out of the tunnel and you’re ready to embrace this next stage of life. I think it’s going to be a really wonderful Summer for you as you discover all the benefits of your new lifestyle.

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    1. Leanne, I feel exactly as you articulated! Coming out of the tunnel of packing/unpacking and thinking about establishing a new set of routines for our new lifestyle. Another transition! I know I’ve said that my retirement is a series of transitions, and this is certainly a major one in the journey.


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