Summer 2021 – Creating our New Lifestyle

A couple of things keep going through my head this week – “start as you mean to go on” and “summer’s started”.  Memorial Day and June 1st always feel like the beginning of summer, even though technically it’s not till June 21st.   I’m shifting out of unpacking mode and into living mode and need to establish some of my weekly/monthly habits. I am also shifting into a planning mode which is a bit daunting… I haven’t done activity planning in 18 months!

It’s a bit odd realizing that we are not leaving here in a few weeks to head back north.  That’s been the routine for the past few years – staying 4-8 weeks in Florida at a time.  Now, there’s no planning needed for that shift in location.   A big part of me wants to just live in the present. Be here. Establish routines here. Weekly routines. Monthly routines. Put off planning a trip away.  Just be here. And so, I will listen to that voice within and not plan any (overnight) travel this summer!

To that end, here are some of the items that are on my Summer Plans:

  • Intentional Connections both Near and Far: Maintain contact with far-away friends – plan something weekly with somebody. New relationship building – plan something weekly; host the book club; start new foodie group; do a craft gathering.
  • Tourist in Own Town – explore new areas and shops, drum circle, mural bike tour, local nursery, local festivals (lots of new things to track!)
  • Be Active – beach yoga, biking, SUP/kayaking, beach walks
  • House and Garden Work – explore kitchen cabinet refresh, learn about local plants, side yard redo & portico set up
  • Restart Foodie Fun – new restaurants, new recipes, local markets, fresh herbs (more new things to track)
  • Finish the Move – paperwork; sorting, organizing & getting rid of more stuff

While it feels odd not to be planning a trip away, I think I need time to just be here.  One of the Link Parties I connect with has the prompt this week of “nourish”.  As I read that word, I felt like my focus right now is about “nourishing my soul”. My summer plans are about creating the lifestyle here, in our new location, that matches my retirement lifestyle vision.  Nourishing my soul in the here and now feels right. To that end, I’ve also created a Fun Summer Activities list to inspire me.

Summer 2021 Fun List

Any thoughts on what I could add to that summer fun in the here and now?

P.S. I’ve updated my “About Me” page if you’re interested.

Picture Credit: me.  The Night-blooming Cereus flower, at a spontaneous bloom-party invite acceptance (Thanks, Lisa P).  Living in the now!

30 thoughts on “Summer 2021 – Creating our New Lifestyle

  1. I love your Summer Fun List Pat. I applaud your efforts to live in the moment. This list of intentional enjoyable activities should help. I don’t have anything to add, but may borrow a few from your list. I’m off to read your new “About” page now. Happy summer!

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  2. Your summer to do list is fabulous! In reading your previous comment; I too tend to be a Type A personality so I like to make a list like yours and pick just a few activities to actively cross off each day. That helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something during these slower, relaxed summer days.

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  3. What a comprehensive list of terrific activities. Wear a sundress!! You have to share a pic. Have a Tarot card reading!! It’s been years. I don’t hold a whole lot of water in things like that but they are fun. You absolutely need and deserve a massage or ten!! And a pedi, and a facial and any other kind of pampering that will just be a treat and help give you a few moments relaxation. Love the Zoom Zumba idea. And hurry and get that library card!! Sending you big hugs. We need pictures!!

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    1. I laughed at the picture comment. I so rarely have photos of myself… and even more rarely post them. But I had a sundress on the other day. 🙂 And posting about my Tarot reading tonight. I’m having fun with this list!


  4. All your ideas sound so achievable and mirror many on my own list, especially the search for seasonal fruit – so much more flavor when it is actually in season. The “achiever” in me loves making a list and checking it off…but more importantly it reminds me how I engage in life and keeps me grateful. Plus, It helps me remember things! I am not fully retired yet, but enjoy hearing how it is going for others since my time is close!

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  5. I am so glad my blog’s Link Up and Optional prompt of nourish was helpful, Pat. You soind well on your way to “staying” present. If you do link up, it’s lovely if you can read my post and leave a comment too….Understand you may still be rather distracted too! Thanks so much for joining in #LifeThisWeek link up on Monday 14 June. Your presence, comment on my post & adding your blog post too helps make a caring, connected community on-line. Next week the optional prompt is Share Your Snaps. Warm wishes, Denyse.

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  6. I’m so glad for you that you’re able to switch unpacking for living! Your summer plans to create your new lifestyle, live in the present where you are, not having to go back north, and nourishing your soul, sounds excellent. Enjoy!

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  7. Girlfriend, you already have quite a long and luxurious list!!! Live in the now. I should adjust that by saying that I love the planning side of you, I got to do things that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise because you actually planned them and got tickets. So perhaps I should say, live in the now with just enough planning to be able to do all those fun things in Florida!! You are going to love it, if you don’t already!

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    1. Candyse, Of course the planner in me will still be looking for local fun things to do! Just not big travel plans…. I want to stay local this summer. We’ve never been here for an entire summer…. have been for a few weeks in July but never the whole summer. So it will be interesting … heat & humidity, rainy season (afternoon thunderstorms), and now Red Tide has formed early (various algae blooms) with the heat. So definitely will be an interesting time.


    1. Debbie, I really wanted to focus on living here and not feel compelled to plan travel (which everyone seems to be doing now that we can travel again). It will be interesting to see how many things on the list will happen… I will be sure to blog post on it at the end of summer.

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    1. LOL… now I’m wondering why you picked that item on the list. I was pleasantly surprised to get some good corn on the cob at a local market. No good tomatoes yet. It’s different down here for what’s local and fresh. I’ll be learning that as well as what to plant in the yard.

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      1. The local one isn’t even called a farmers market anymore… just the “morning market”. Still hoping to find some sources for fresh fruit and veggies that are easy to access. I keep asking folks and did find one shop, but it’s about a 20 minute drive away. Might just have to plan it into my new routines.

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  8. Hi Pat – I’m very much in favour of being present in the “now” – in fact that’s what next week’s post is about on my blog. I feel like I’ve been a bit disconnected with all the upheavals of the last couple of years and my soul feels like it needs to reconnect with the real world around me. Maybe you’re in a similar phase? I think you have plenty on your list to keep you busy and I hope you enjoy your new lifestyle in the sun. x

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    1. Leanne, I’m finding it a challenge at time to “feel good” about just living each day. My Type A personality wants to “accomplish” things. So this will be very much a learning summer for me!


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