One of the reasons I’ve come to love the world of blogging is the connections you make with amazing people all around the world.

This past week I’ve had the honor of having my book (Retirement Transition – An Innovation Approach) reviewed by Kathy over at Smartliving365 and also having a guest post on Min’s Write of the Middle blog about my Journaling Zen.

Please check out Kathy’s book review – Post Link Here.

And then I encourage you to head over to Min’s for my take on the Zen of Journaling  – Post Link Here

Thanks to both Kathy and Min for providing me broader exposure to the world of bloggers as well!

6 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Hi Pat! Thanks for the link to my review. I think your book is filled with lots of helpful ideas for everyone…not just people heading into retirement. And I definitely took away a few ideas that I intend to use on a regular basis…and isn’t that a key to a good book? And I also agree that it is fun and rewarding to connect to other bloggers. I’ll be popping over to check out Min’s blog next. ~Kathy

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  2. Kathy’s review was so thorough that I immediately ordered your book. Had it in my cart to purchase with my next Prime order but pulled the trigger today. Looking forward to reading it.

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  3. Hi Pat,
    I’ve read Kathy’s review and commented there…off to see what Min had to say. I PROMISE I will finish the read of your book soon and add my own review.
    And the connections we are making are one of the best parts of this blogging journey!

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