Spring Bucket List – to Soar

I was inspired to create a Winter Bucket list by a group of bloggers (thanks Christie Hawkes) who regularly share their seasonal lists. They take a slightly different approach to their bucket list as it’s focused on just the three months of the season and therefore more specific and short term.   I was pleasantly surprised in looking back that by being bold and putting my Winter/Holiday list out there for the world to see resulted in a lot of completions. What a way to ensure some accountability!

From my Winter List, I executed all my Holiday Traditions – new & old.  My Live Life elements were also executed almost to completion. The successful “Kick cancer” took a bit more out of me than anticipated so the “get up to 5 activities a week” wasn’t completely realistic. However, the regular physical therapy certainly helped my recovery (thanks to C & S for recommending that). Life Domains actions were also almost all completed as I took the physical downtime to do some great reflection, choosing a word of the year, joining new blog link-ups, and engaging in more blogging than I anticipated.

Given the success of my Winter Bucket List, I’m doing one for Spring! Even if Mother Nature has not read the calendar, giving us freezing cold and snowy days in mid-to-late March, I am declaring it is time for focusing on some new, fun spring activities.

My Spring Theme – 10 New Things to help me Soar.

  • Healthy Living
    • Expand healthy cooking – try Hello Fresh eating program, make roasted root veggies, and make something new with my (Christmas gift) Kitchen Aid mixer.
    • Try meditation (with Oprah Podcast), try new moon rituals, and explore Tarot cards.
    • Restart regular yoga classes.
  • Out & About
    • Get up to 5 activities per week – walk & talks, SUP, Mini Adventures (Zoo Blooms, SummerFair, OTR Tour), Doggie dates, Zumba
    • Try 5 new restaurants!
    • Explore Road Scholar and birding Meet-ups
    • Plan next Florida trip and restart travel planning (Iceland?)
  • Home Organization
    • Set up office (winter item carryover), set up all bills on auto-pay, and paper file clean up
    • Create garden space in new house – mulch beds and plantings
    • Sit outside on porch and patio (which requires me to set them up with comfy furniture).

I’m feeling like a butterfly awakening from a long winter’s cocoon…ready to fly/soar.

What’s on your spring bucket list?


40 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List – to Soar

  1. How fabulous to have a season bucket list – Your Spring list seems very (ahem) comprehensive. It has set me thinking. April is for the A to Z Challenge of course – and for the rest I’ll make a list. Iceland sounds very exciting.

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    1. I do wish you luck. Our challenge is actually the opposite… finding places we have not been yet and are still interested in trying. I love trying new places!

      I trained hubby a number of years ago to be a more adventure-some dinner. He grew up meat & potatoes… but now, will even suggest sushi once in awhile! But, he’ll only go so far on the weird foods that seem to creep into menus today… no kale for him. Of course, he insists that us getting the (cheap) hotdogs at Costco this week counts as one of the new restaurants! LOL We never had eaten there and were both starved… never shop when hungry! Hoping there are 5 real restaurants on the list & I don’t have to say Costco HotDogs is one!

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  2. Well done Pat, I love your butterfly awakening in relation to spring! We are heading into autumn here but it’s still warm with cooler mornings starting to creep in. I wish you well with your list. I have shared on social media. #mlstl

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    1. Hi Debbie, Autumn is actually my favorite time of year. I haven’t had buddies in the other half of the world season-wise for years …so it’s a new thinking for me that you’re April is autumn. I wonder what my autumn soar metaphor will be!

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      1. Thanks Pat, I love autumn here and Easter is always a gorgeous time. We have family visiting so it’s even more fun! Enjoy your spring, I love seeing posts from the other side of the world too.

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  3. You are always so amazingly busy Pat – I can’t believe how much you manage to fit into your week – and your bucket list is fabulous. I have nothing on mine and must make a few plans before too much longer – mine will be a Winter List at the rate I’m going!
    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM xx

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    1. Leanne, And I look at my calendar and think it’s empty! The eye of the beholder for sure.

      I am enjoying the #MLSTL! Still working on the sharing on SM aspect, but definitely reading and commenting.

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  4. As you know, I am a GTD (Getting Things Done) adherent. As such, I have both project lists and someday/maybe lists, but I don’t really organize them seasonally. The project list consists of items that take more than one, two-minute action and can be completed within a year. These are the items for which I have pressed the “go” button and expect to complete. Therefore, there is a bit more pressure. Some may have strict deadlines while some may just be “within the next year”. An example of the last is to convert our family room from carpet to hardwood before our daughter’s wedding next March. Of course, some of these things are “forced” to be seasonal, mostly by weather considerations. (My spring yard care sub-list is getting WAY backed up due to the nastiness we have been enduring for the last few weeks).

    The someday/maybe items have no pressure associated with them. Perhaps I’ll get to them, but maybe I won’t. They are things that have crossed my path that piqued my interest at the time, so I recorded them just so my overactive brain won’t forget them. Over time, I might even look at the list during a review and say, “what was I thinking?!” and delete that item or I may just keep adding things until I have a list that can’t be accomplished in four lifetimes. However, that’s OK. They are someday/maybe items, not “sanctioned” projects.

    If you want some recommendations for restaurants, I can toss a few your way. Since I don’t know where you’ve already been, I’ll suggest 20 Brix in Milford which is our perennial favorite, Tēla and CWC in Wyoming, Zula downtown, especially if you like mussels and flatbreads and Meritage in Glendale. (CWC is only open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday from 10-2 for brunch.)

    Our favorite wine haunt is in Glendale also. It is called Village Wines and shares connected space with Piccolo Wine Bar. Piccolo has food Thursday through Saturday and the young chef does an awesome job. The menu consists of six or seven items that change every week, so it’s a lot of fun. There is almost always a burger, a salad and a flatbread and then a variety of other items fill out the weekly selections. You can go to a Friday night tasting (5-8 pm) for $10/person and then stay and have dinner (and more wine, of course). The only caution is that the space is very small, so it can sometimes be hard to find a place to sit at peak times, but you can just have (you guessed it) more wine and wait out the crowd. Ha ha.

    Good luck executing your spring list and don’t worry too much about your completion score!

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    1. You’ve probably figured out by now I’m a list lover. I’ve got the possibilities list (not too many of the “what was I thinking” on there… but more than I’ll ever get to as well), the 12-month action plan (which has more focus areas/ themes and not as many specific projects or actions), and the daily/weekly calendar lists. This was a fun way to focus on some short-term new things to try and then some of the seasonal things I love. I’ve lost track of time before and missed things… like Zoo Blooms!

      And yes, my spring yard list is also disaster… we’ve got mulch delivery coming tomorrow (pre-planned delivery at great price)… not a single bed prepped.

      Of your recommended restaurants… great suggestions – and been to almost all of them! 🙂 I’ve had CWC on the radar, but we try and avoid weekend dining out – too busy. Maybe I’ll re-think that if you feel it’s worth it. Piccolo as well will be added….but Tim’s not a big wine drinker, so will have to be with a girlfriend or 2.

      I’m not overly concerned with completion rate. Kinda like my 1 blog post a week…. nice goal, but flexible. I really did want to be more active this year (part of my life vision), so this three month focus on taking action is helpful.

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  5. Congrats Pat. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with a list of goals that have been {mostly} completed – especially when the list is focused on things that are meaningful to us.
    You’re heading into spring with a taste of success. Woohoo.

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    1. Thanks for the Woohoo! A fun thing about this very public sharing is the support I’m getting in making the goals happen. Of course, most of the help has been in choosing the 5 new restaurants…but there is time for others to offer to sit on the porch with wine! Happy Spring!

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  6. What a wonderful list Pat! And thanks for the shout out. I hope you learn to love meditation as much as I have. It is a skill though, so don’t expect immediate zen. 🙂 Just keep at it. I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling, as you said, like a butterfly ready to soar. Enjoy the activities on your list. I’m looking forward to the updates. Happy spring!

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    1. Christie, I linked up with your bucket list-group as well. Link-ups were on my winter list and I’m enjoying them… finding other bloggers I’m now following, being inspired in different ways. The meditation is a 21-day podcast, so we’ll see. I’m on day 8 or 9 now and I can tell a bit of a difference! I’m trying to stay open to the skill learning anyway! Happy spring to you.

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  7. Hi Pat! What an inspiring list you have put together and you have motivated me to start this again. I was taking part in the Seasonal Bucket Lists with Christie and the gang but have missed the last one or two because of life getting in the way. I might steal a couple of your ideas including the home organization! Have a great week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

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    1. Hi Sue, I love steal & reapply! Home organization is still a biggie here… we have not fully unpacked/hung pictures from our move in (downsize) 6 months ago! So spring clean this year is a lot about getting more settled.

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    1. Walking more is something I can relate to… I’m trying to move more of my “whine & wine” sessions to “walk & talk”. So far most friends have been up for it… apparently none of us walk enough. If spring ever arrives here (still cold and gray), it will be easier.

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  8. Hi, Pat – I am so pleased to hear that your recovery has gone well. This is wonderful news. I am happy to see that you are continuing to focus on healthy living and embracing all of the things that you enjoy. I look forward to reading how you continue to soar!

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    1. I’m feeling quite energized this spring… more than usual in spring-time. Maybe its all the reflection while in recovery, or the mediation work doing now. But it’s good…now if Mother Nature would just allow spring to really be here!

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  9. This sounds like a wonderful list, Pat. It sounds as if you’re enjoying the Deepak and Oprah Shedding the Weight meditations. I’m doing this particular series for the fourth time and am still loving it.

    If you’d like a suggestion for tarot, it’s quite important that you find the deck of cards that speaks to you. The problem is that if you order online or go into a store, the decks are usually sealed and you can’t see the cards. This site – http://www.aeclectict.net/tarot/ – shows several sample cards and gives reviews for more than 1800 different tarot decks. It’s fun just looking through the options available.

    I’m so happy for you that kicking cancer is going so well. Yay, you!!

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    1. Yes, I am doing the Shedding the Weight meditation… I’m pretty sure you’re the one who mentioned it! And I ordered a Tarot deck you recommended….we are pretty in sync, so felt it was a good first shot! If I find it’s not for me, I’ll search out somewhere local to explore others. But it just came in the mail…. yeah!


  10. Pat, this is a great list, and yes, it does feel a bit like a spring renewal! I love, love, love that you are planning more travel, and I’m going to check out that Oprah podcast myself! I wish you the best in accomplishing this list, just like you did with the last one! You go, girl! ~ Lynn

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    1. As I commented below, a big list. But hopefully help in completing many of the items.

      The Oprah mediation podcast is actually a week in as the “freebie”… but I’m sure you can just join in and get 2 weeks versus 21 days. They only stay on-line active for 5 days.. so you could pick up days 3-8 quickly, too…. for the intro information, not the meditation. And some folks have added in the comments area days 1 and 2 for folks who missed! https://chopracentermeditation.com/experience

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  11. Yay, you!!! So glad to have you link-up with us. Thank you, Christie, for inspiring Pat.

    Your out and about activities sound motivating and like great ways to be outside, meeting new friends. I am starting a new series on my blog about pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. As an introverted, early-retired librarian, I am most comfortable at home but want to expand my horizons as I begin a new decade of life. My first post will go live on 03.31 and then will be sharing my experiences the last day of each month, of you would like to join me. Also, we have an email group for the bucket list participants. If you would like to be added, please email me at mommyhon333@hotmail.com. Christie is on the list!

    Hooray for gardening spaces and enjoying your patio and balcony. In the summer, I try to begin each morning on my patio. Gets the day off to a positive start.

    Have always been interested in Tarot cards. Living in El Paso, there is a card and/or palm reader on every corner, along with a Dollar General and Walgreens!! Have had my cards read several times only to find the reading was spot on, down the road.

    I am trying to eat better and move more after slowing down temporarily with a broken foot. So pleased to read of your success at kicking cancer. Sounds like you are implementing a number of things to restore calm and peace and health in your life.

    Thank you for linking up!!

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    1. This spring is a big list… but I’m feeling really energized. It’s helpful to put it out there and have to be (slightly) accountable on it. Last night I mentioned my 5 restaurant goal to friends and they immediately said… we’ll help! LOL. Now if someone would just say we’ll help with the new planting beds and mulch spreading!

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