Soaring A to Z

A number of blogging friends are engaging in the A to Z challenge in April.   The challenge is to post 26 times in the month on a single theme with postings aligning to the alphabet A to Z.   I love lists and have done A to Z lists before on things like Jolts of Joy or Winter Holiday Fun.  I don’t think I have 26 blog posts in me (and greatly admire those who do!).  But I was inspired to create an A to Z list for my word-of-the- year: SOAR.

While creating this Soaring A to Z list, I found it also very reflective of the authentic me I want to be in my retirement lifestyle!  So thanks to all for the inspiration to create another cheat-sheet for me to remind myself how to soar this year.

A = Action. Get Out & About – walk/hike, art shows, mini-adventures, eating out. N = Nourish your Body. Healthy eating every day; hydrate; sleep; get a massage; get appropriate health checkups
B = Balance.   A balance of hermit days (quiet and cocooning) and socialite (out & about connecting) days O = Outside. Get out into nature – park hikes, beach walks, work in the garden, SUP, sit on the porch!
C = Comfort Zone. Another balance between creating a comfortable sanctuary to live/be in and challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone with new things P = Posts.   Keep blogging – reading, commenting, and most importantly – writing.
D = Date Nights. Theater & Dinner Dates, Compatible Couple Dinners, Whine & Wine… fun and relationship building Q = Questioning. Be curious; try new things
E = Exercise.   Just move it, every day (or almost every day!) R = Relax. Downtime is good and not a waste of time –  Read, do crosswords, take an afternoon nap.
F = Friendships. Intentionally investing in creating and maintaining friends both IRL and on-line S = Sanctuary. Create spaces that feel like home, fit the lifestyle I want to live, and are authentic & welcoming.
G = Gratitude.   Maintaining an attitude of gratitude; Regularly journaling what I am grateful for T = Travel. Plan travel (again) from biggies to mini-adventures.
H = Happiness. Choosing to be happy and using the tools to make it happen – emotional awareness, affirmations, & practicing positivity U = Unique. Stop comparing yourself to others and being so self-critical; Recognize & celebrate your uniqueness
I = Inner Artist. Allowing the inner artist in me to flourish – encouraging creativity, trying new artistic expressions V = Values.   Keep choices in life, the activities where I spend time and energy,  linked to my values
J = Jolts of Joy. Continue to find joy in each day, especially in the little things W = Well Being. Continue to work on mental, spiritual and physical health.
K = Keep it Simple. A phrase kept over from work life, but refocused on de-cluttering and organizing life X = X-Factor. Find my personal passion; keep exploring new things and keep the things that bring you joy
L = Letting Go. Of toxic relationships, others expectations, bad habits Y = Yoga. Stick with it – for the flexibility & strength.
M = Mindfulness. Keep journaling, explore meditation, and practice being in the moment. Z = Zumba. Stick with it – for the cardio & fun.

What’s your favorite A to Z list?

28 thoughts on “Soaring A to Z

  1. Great list and a wonderful way to “participate” in the fun of the A-Z Challenge without the pain! I am following several blogs that are A-Zing and it’s a challenge to read them all, let alone comment. Your list includes many – if not most – of the actions/attitudes/intentions we all could benefit from as we soar into retirement and create a fulfilling life!

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  2. What a fabulous list Pat! You should have taken the Challenge but great idea to put it all into one post. I love the idea of the cocoon – some days we just need that don’t we?
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

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    1. Sue – I had a two week cocoon and came out of it so energized! Really working on making my word-of-the-year a reality. (Maybe next year I’ll try the challenge… it’s been fun reading folks posts, but it’s a lot!)


  3. What a great way to interpret the AtoZ Pat – I’m so embroiled in it atm that I feel like I’m glued to my laptop – your short and sweet version is a much easier way to do it. Still…… would have done an amazing job if you’d tackled the Challenge (we could be drowning together!)

    Leanne |
    C for Consider Every Angle

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    1. Leanne, I’m still amazed that you-all are writing 26 blog posts. That’s half a year’s worth for me! But perhaps next year… as I am finding them fascinating. Your’s included.


      1. Who knows what you’ll feel like doing next year Pat – altho’ Kathy below makes a good point about people being sick of seeing our posts pop up every day! Still April will be gone before we know it and I’ll be back to my steady two a week.
        Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM xx


  4. Hi Pat! I’m with Karen in that I so appreciate you doing one list for all 26! While I can understand the desire of some to join in, when I’m on a mailing list that hears from a blogger every single day (well almost every day) I usually cancel just because it is TOO MUCH MAIL! Plus, I loved all your suggestions so much I can’t even pick just one. ~Kathy

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    1. Thanks Kathy. It was a super fun activity to do. I love lists, and when I was done and looked at it, it was such a clear picture of how I want my current life to be! I’m only reading a few people’s (OK 5) A to Zs but not even attempting to comment on each! It’s only a month.


  5. This was a really cool idea. It’s a great way to keep a big goal in focus. Like Karen, each one of these points resonated with me and how I’m trying to live my life in retirement. I too will be using this list as a “cheat sheet”!

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    1. Joanne – I’m so glad! Feel free to modify if one doesn’t fit… like Zumba. Z is hard but Natalie suggested Zen. or ZZZ for getting enough sleep or splurging on an afternoon nap. That’s been one on my A to Z Jolts of Joy!

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    1. I heard about jolts of joy years ago. It started as creating a list of 31 – one for each day of the month, and then trying to implement them. That didn’t work out too great (one each day was tough), but I learned I get joy from writing with fine tip blue pens… so bought myself a box and only write with them in my journal! And bought new sheets for the bed, good high-thread-content ones, because they give me a jolt of joy overnight climbing into bed. I’m sure I posted on it way back!

      Since then I even played with A to Z Jolts of Joy – fewer (26), it allows me to play with words, and then again I try and implement as many as I can.

      It’s a fun way to also recognize the little things in life that bring you happiness.


    1. I love steal and reapply! And looking forward to your posts.

      I’m actually looking at everyone’s A to Z’s with the thought of stealing some ideas and maybe joining in next year. Not like you (in the moment posts – OMG!), but prepared in advance. Maybe. 26 is still daunting to me no matter how I look at it!


  6. I can answer your closing question quite easily, Pat. Yours is my favourite A-Z list. Every single item on it resonates with me and where I am in my life. (Pretend to be surprised by this.) I’ve printed out this post and intend to do some writing for myself about every single item on it. Thank you, thank you for yet another inspiring and timely missive 🙂

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    1. Karen – I was a bit worried you A to Z-er’s wouldn’t like me doing the short version, but it was quite profound (no pun intended) when I created the list…it really told me what I envision my life to be right now. Feel free to steal! Between this and my Spring Bucket list, I’m feeling very good about where I am right now! And thanks for the chuckle … Yes, I pretended to be surprised!


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