Winter Bucket List

I’ve just read a series of winter bucket list blogs, following links on Christie Hawkes post, which really inspired me.  And, one of the tools for ensuring you do things (take action) is to tell others your intentions. So I’m compelled to publish my own Winter/Holiday Bucket list.

While winter doesn’t begin astrologically until the Winter Solstice on Dec 21st, I feel winter begins in mid-November when I’m starting to plan the holidays. So this bucket list actually has many holiday tradition items on it. I wanted to document them; creating new traditions in our new home was something I wanted (needed?) to do this year.  Publishing this right before the Christmas holiday, you’ll see many holiday items have been completed! (Is that cheating on a bucket list?)  But, this winter’s bucket list does have less action items on it than ones I’ve had from previous years, as I know one big thing will drain my energy, both physically and mentally.

Holiday traditions: New and old.

  • Attend Cincinnati Ballet’s The Nutcracker. This has been on my winter bucket list for 3-4 years now. Hubby hates the ballet; I’ve considered going myself (something that is very much out of my comfort zone!). But I did not made it happen… until this year- Thanks, Marge!
  • Walk through Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights. This is a holiday tradition for us; unless the weather is awful — we are fair-weather walkers.  Luckily we had some lovely early winter weather.
  • Go to Winter Fair. This is a regional art show the weekend of Thanksgiving and definitely a tradition for hubby and me that we enjoy every year.
  • Decorate the (real) Christmas tree with hubby, and end the activity with hot chocolate. This is an old holiday tradition I wanted to re-instate. I really enjoyed this time we spent together, even if it was a slower day, done while in recovery.
  • Eat some (new & old) yummy foods — roasted Brussels sprouts, cranberry chutney, eggnog.  What else should I add to this list?
  • Have some Christmas focused days and evenings: play Christmas music and watch the tree lights, bake cookies, watch some Christmas themed movies.
  • Cook a turkey dinner with all my favorite sides. (And not the ones I think I should ).  Planned for Christmas day!

Live Life: Get Out & About

  • Kick cancer. The big action item. Enough said.
  • Schedule in & execute daily physical therapy. A must-do that others have encouraged me not to forsake, even if fatigued.
  • Set up 5 lunch/coffee net-workings for JFM. A lower number this quarter, but I want to make sure I’m staying connected to my support system.
  • Get up to 5 activities a week — plan a hike at the Nature Center, buy a new yoga pass, set up walk dates, check out the local YMCA. Might be very challenging this quarter, but I need to keep moving!
  • Keep going on monthly Dinner & Theater Dates, monthly Mid-Week foodies planning, and Compatible Couple dinner planning.

Life Domains: Managing My Retirement Lifestyle

  • Spend time looking back at 2017 accomplishments and plan 2018— vision board, action plans, updated affirmations, and word of the year. Something I enjoy doing this time of year. The New Year for me is a great time for reflection.
  • Keep blogging!
  • Keep going on creating my retirement lifestyle: get the attic office set up, learn the blog link skill (did it work above?), work with hubby on new eating plans, engage in new philanthropic activity.

Thanks to the entire winter bucket list posted blogs who inspired me. Getting this on paper has been a very positive experience.
What’s on your winter bucket list?

21 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List

  1. Hi Pat, I’m visiting from Donna’s blog. I’m part of the seasonal list link-up with Christie and several other bloggers. Great to see your list, especially Living Life. I look forward to your publishing your progress updates. Our group does this on the 21st of the month. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2018!

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    1. Hey Natalie, I’ve recently seen various link-ups (via Christie and Sue and Donna) and have put figuring out how-to-join-in on my to-do list! The bucket list one very much intrigued & inspired me – found through Christie – obviously! Thanks for visiting.


  2. Hi Pat! I just stumbled onto your blog after looking for new blogs to add to my “best” list for 2017. I’m a big-time planner so your list appeals to me. And YES to achieving them all, including your Big #1 for Life Life and #2 on Life Domains. Happy 2018 to us all. ~Kathy

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    1. Kathy – thanks for the Life Domain #2 plug! Sometime I wonder how much more I have to write about.

      I am also a huge planner. I have checklists for everything, run scenarios in my head at 2 AM, and cannot conceive of not having a written action plan. Drives my hubby crazy! I’m doing my year-end review and 2018 plan now. It’s a bit more than the winter bucket list but inclusive of it. Hope to post a couple of elements as I work through that!

      I’ve visited your blog site a few times as well (mostly in past 2-3 months)… found through a mutual blogging friend I’m sure – but could not tell you who! Happy 2018!!


    1. Lynn, I’ve actually got too many check lists! My Life Domains is a 7 component framework for all aspects of retirement. Out & About was a phrase that seemed to hit many of actions in multiple domains. Live Life was my motto for 2017. And yeah, I’ve done seasonal bucket lists the past few years – Summer, Autumn and Holiday. Not sure why I never had a spring one! (oh dear, that means I’ll be trying one this year!)

      I’m rethinking my 2018 plan to bring at least my yearly motto and the life-domains framework together a bit more. Sometimes it feels like I do too much introspection and not enough action.

      But glad I could inspire you…. I was inspired by a few other Winter Bucket lists I saw as well!

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  3. Pat, you wear me out! Ha ha. Your level of introspection, organization and planning is way beyond my pathetic efforts. I definitely take a much more relaxed and informal approach, but maybe I should take a cue and step it up a bit! After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there, as they say. I don’t have seasonal bucket lists. I do have several someday-maybe lists that are really applicable year-round.

    What kinds of foods do you like? I might be able to offer some suggestions on what you should add to your list if I had a better idea of what makes your taste buds tingle. 😃

    Good luck with ticking off the items on your bucket list, especially #1 under Live Life!

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    1. Bob, Some might say my introspection is too much navel-gazing! Hah! You do many, many things without the check-lists and action plans. I have found that without checklists, my days just slip away. Seasonal bucket lists tend to include some simple fun-based ideas too.

      Food-wise, we are working on shifting to a diabetic-based diet. Simply, we need to get sugars out (mostly Tim) and reduce the carbs (we both love good bread – that will be hard). So more fruit and veg. I am looking for ways to do seasonal veggies a bit… instead of just steaming them. Or what to do with root veggies… I’ve never really bought them! We are planning Jungle Jim shopping trips – they have such great selection of fruit & veg. I got some Sharon fruit from Israel last trip – so yummy.

      I’m hoping to keep blogging through the next round. I’ve found it gives me something to do when physical energy is really low.


  4. I didn’t think about having a winter bucket list. The only bucket list I have is a Rusty Bucket List. LOL. I like yours, though. For me, I’ll add that I need to do a bit of decluttering, something I think about at the beginning of each year and used to do religiously. Operative phrase: ‘used to do.’ Seems that I’ve been too busy to focus on this for a few years, and the time is now to get back into that habit! Visiting from Karen’s Favorite Blog post. Happy New Year!

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    1. Thanks for visiting. I’ve done a lot of de-cluttering this past year, stimulated by downsizing our primary residence (from 3800 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. – everybody is telling meant that 2000q ft is still big, but the delta is huge)… and hampered by a hoarding husband. Good luck with your decluttering;hopefully it will give you a positive sense of freedom (mine did mostly… hubby still has boxes piled high over my head in the attic and basement). Happy new year to you as well.

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    1. I just adore when I can check off things on lists.. don’t you? Happy new year to you.

      BTW – it was 23 degrees here this morning and a low of 8 predicted by end of week… I’m thinking about all my friends in Florida this time of year… with a bit of envy.

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  5. Thanks for the shout-out Pat. I’m so glad you found the bucket list link-up inspirational. I love that your list is full of fun, healthy activities. I have fond memories of choosing a tree, decorating it, and drinking hot chocolate as a child. That made me smile. Happy winter to you!


  6. Great bucket list, Pat. I’ve been watching Christmas-themed movies every night for weeks. There are so many new ones every year to accompany the classics.

    It will come as absolutely no surprise that I too LOVE this time of year for reflecting on this year and planning for the next one. I haven’t got my bucket list done yet, but I’m working on it!

    Your blog linking did indeed work like a charm. Look at that, Pat – another thing to check off your list.

    All the very best for an amazing, happy, and healthy Christmas season and 2018. I’m so looking forward to continuing our journeying together.

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    1. Yeah on link! Donna (below) actually sent me a how-to eons ago and I’ve put it off working through it. Now I can link in when you inspire me as well (an upcoming post – work on the new skill!). Happy New Year to you. I look forward to your pusblishing your winter reflections and an update on RAW NEWS!


  7. Hi, Pat – This is a very moving Bucket List. I love your subcategories, especially ‘Living Life’. Wishing you a very happy and health 2018!

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