Word of the Year: Joy

When I chose the word “joy” for this year’s word, I wasn’t sure exactly what would happen. I had my new coffee mug imprinted with “Find Joy In Each Day”. I created my daily affirmation. I was not expecting that much. But I was pleasantly surprised, with this heightened awareness, how I could find the little moments of joy in each day.

At the almost midpoint of the year, here are some of my favorites:
– Watching the morning sun filter thru the trees as I journal
– The computer telling me my word was the “best possible” on Scrabble
– Hitting a string of green lights on that road with all the lights
– Freshly shaved legs on cool bed sheets
– Parallel parking on the first try
– A snack in the small clay bowl I made in pottery class
– Having someone invite me to an activity (versus me being the inviter)
– Getting TSA pre-check at the airport
– Waking up to the smell of bacon frying (thanks, Hubby)
– Shopping at a leisurely pace mid-day, mid-week
– McDonald’s French-fries on a road trip (only time we ever do McDonald’s!)
– Having my Zumba-friends say they missed me when I traveled
– Popping bubble wrap
– Remembering my username and password for the site
– A free taste at the deli counter
– Yoga on the beach
– Getting (insightful) comments on my blog
– When the person you’re meeting is even later than you
– Pulling a weed and getting the full root out
– Seeing the full moon on a clear night
– Opening the windows on the first warm day of spring
– Wait-staff that understand what service means
– A scoop of real ice-cream (with real chocolate chips) on a hot afternoon
– A dinner & show for a mid-week date night
– Lounging around all afternoon reading a book
– Hearing early morning birds chirping and snuggling in for another hour of sleep
– Sitting on a park bench, watching the ducks and eating fresh beignets
– Trying a new food or drink and liking it (a lot!)
– Figuring out how to post a selfie (and friends noticing!)

Focusing on joy of the little moments is helping me to slow down and enjoy the freedom of retirement.

What has brought you joy today?

Picture Credit: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Word of the Year: Joy

  1. I could give you a long list similar to your observations, but I’ll keep it short. Getting an offer on our house, grilling steaks perfectly on the first attempt on the new grill, finding a Cabernet Sauvignon that is an exact match to my palate, giving my son one of my recipes and having it turn out great, hitting a golf shot that is exactly what I visualized, putting down new mulch in the flower beds……..I could go on. The point is that looking for and acknowledging joy in little things feeds and builds up your positive attitude which is arguably one’s most valuable asset.

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    1. Yep, it’s about looking for and acknowledging joy in the little things. It is also so interesting to see different personalities come out in what are those little moments to different people! I guess I too found joy at the end of the mulching the flower beds …pain and joy combined – oh I did ache that night!


  2. I really love your list! Joy for us today: My husband and I attended an amazing seminar on meditation in the morning, then in the afternoon, we went to a local travel store to pick up a few things. As we were driving away, we realized that the lovely young woman at the store undercharged us (ringing up two items, rather than the three we bought). We circled back around and went back to the store. She was so appreciative and (sadly) surprised that we’d be so honest. I would have felt awful if we hadn’t gone back, and I was so pleased that we made her happy.

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  3. Your last post seemed a little down so glad to hear you are noticing the joys. The importance of “the little things” is causing me to reassess the career/college advice I’m giving my youngest. I don’t want him so focused on making a living that it’s not a life worth living.

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    1. What a wonderful gathering! I know how challenging it is to find a time that works for everyone. I’ve given up on that and just plan more events for whoever can come! And then am happy with those that are there…whether it’s 4 of us or 10!

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    1. Oh dear. You have reminded me of one of the things I said I would do this summer…and have done nothing to start it. That is…learn to swim! Yes, it is appalling but I never learned. Ok, it’s on my to do list now! Find someone to teach “an old dog new tricks”!


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