Start, Stop, Continue

Years ago, one of my MegaCorp annual performance evaluation tools we used was called “Start, Stop, Continue”. I’m not sure how broadly this was used, but it was better than the “accomplishments and weaknesses” of previous years. That was before the Discover Your Strengths phenomenon; I always hated the weaknesses area!

But the start/stop/continue was brought back to my mind as I recently read a few articles about stopping things once you reach a certain age. As I approach my “annual review” of being retired now 2 years, I realized that at this point in my life there are few things I do need to stop doing:

– Stop comparing yourself to others. Between Facebook and blogs, I find myself often thinking “wow, she’s doing that, why aren’t I?” And the tone of that question is not in the positive, you can do it manner. Rather the tone implies that I am, once again, comparing and lacking. I need to recognize that everything in social media is distorted – you only see a one-sided picture. I need to admire what she has done and if it fits in my life vision, then choose to add it in and consciously build it into my life plan. Travel all over Asia? Move into an RV? Become a painter? Probably not. Become more active? Go out and about around town? Yes, that fits me and I can do that.

– Stop eating on autopilot. Besides being a self-professed foodie and a lover of good conversation over a meal, I am also an emotional eater. I eat when I am frustrated or feeling insecure. I eat when I feel guilty about something. I eat when I don’t know what else to do on a Sunday afternoon. I have not figured out how to stop this! I don’t have the will-power to do the “not in the house” sacks approach. I have at least tried to minimize it – I now have a small, beautiful snack bowl – the key word is small. No more single size packages of anything. I also buy healthy snacks, as well as the salty and sweet. So sometimes I am mindlessly munching on carrots instead of chips.

– Stop dwelling on the past. I’ve written before about not living with regrets, but lately I’ve started to wonder if I’ve missed out on some experiences. I never went to prom, never was in a sorority, never did the dating scene (bar hopping with the girls), never became a mom, and never had the close-couple friendships I see others have. (Yes, that last one was a face-book comparison!) I know that the past is the past and I am where I am because of the choices I made. And where I am is a pretty awesome place. I need someone to remind me of that every so often!

What things do you need to stop doing?

Picture Credit: Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Start, Stop, Continue

    1. Oh goodness, another “stop” for me too. I spend too much time doing on-line scrabble and crossword puzzles. It’s mindless and I get a bit of a thrill when I win at scrabble or finish the puzzle. Of course I set it at a level I can win/finish at. Is that cheating too much?

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    1. Agree! I’m thinking of doing a post on the starts next… if only to put out in the world the habits I am trying to create! It is a system that quite works for a big life change.


  1. I had my wife answer this question for me since I have been feeling pretty self-satisfied lately. She said I should eat less and relax more. Too bad I find eating relaxing. 😉

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    1. I too find eating quite relaxing… hence the mindlessness of it at times. Recall, I never said I gave up snacking… now I think I enjoy it more with my beautiful snack bowl. Had to wonder as well….. if you asked your wife the question…is she now your new boss? Giving you a performance review?


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