End of the Month Musings

With the dog-days-of-summer upon us, I’m taking a slightly different approach with this week’s post. I found a lot of inspirational reading this month on other folk’s blog posts. Here’s a random set of the thoughts this generated for me: I need to try Podcasts! Jennifer at Next Phase fitness (link here)  gave me some … Continue reading End of the Month Musings

My Blog Anniversary – A long look back

It’s hard to believe I just passed the 4th anniversary of this blog.   I actually told someone it was the third… and then checked. Nope, I’ve been writing for 4 years! I started when I was “knee-deep” in my own retirement transition, still trying to figure out a vision, a plan, an identity, a new … Continue reading My Blog Anniversary – A long look back

Changing Conditioned Responses

It’s been said, whether true or not, that it takes 10,000 times to master a new skill.  So practice, practice, practice is the key.  I’m trying to master new thought patterns/new beliefs in order to modify my (often negative) conditioned responses.   Active awareness is the first step. I’m a Thinker. I probably think too much … Continue reading Changing Conditioned Responses

Spirituality Reading – Notes on Wise Woman’s Way – Part 2

This is part 2 of my personal notes (see part one link here) which capture some of the ideas in Wise Woman’s Way by Berta Parrish for self-discovery, understanding your belief systems, and creating your own life symbolism. Parrish explores both myths and folk tales to allow you to challenge your belief systems as well … Continue reading Spirituality Reading – Notes on Wise Woman’s Way – Part 2